An online gaming community on Halo Reach, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and the new black ops that stands for Disciples of Gaming. It has 2000 members over a multitude of branches. They are a respect driven community, bringing a more respectful and fun approach to the online gaming community.
What does DoG stand for ?

It stands for Disciples of Gaming. We are an online gaming community!
by the man 0512 November 23, 2010
An ugly looking foot with huge fingers.
Work for P.Diddy episode where a contestant took off her shoes and revealed the dog, thus enraging P.Diddy and forcing him to say the truth about the dog; "Would you take off your shoes at Obama's office?" The contestant replied "No sir, I wouldn't." P. Diddy, now angry, says "Those aren't even sexy foot! why do you have the dog out?".
by P.Diddy's fan April 02, 2010
1) People who think they are tight, try really hard to be cool, etc

2) Literally can mean "tight" when not talking about people who try and be tight, also subs for "Ok, sounds good"
1) Middle class student: Who won that football game today?
Other middle class student: The dogs tight...except not.

2) Person: Hey, I got a 95% on the chem test!
Me: Dogs.

3) Person:We are hanging out tonight right?
Me: Dogs.
by optimusprimexo January 30, 2010
a mans second best friend his first would be his hand.
you could also call his first best friend rosy palm or jack, the second best friend would actually be an animal commonly known as a dog.
by kassiezitnick September 15, 2009
Michael Vick's "fighting machines".
Person 1 Did you hear what happened to Michael Vick?
Person 2 Yea that cruel f****r organizes dog fights!
by I Love Animals November 02, 2007
To *rag out* or abuse an item such as your vehicle.
Your car looks like shit cuz you always dog it out
by r0gu3 g33k March 26, 2010
a funny animal that barks and sometimes bites the mailman
My dog always wants to bite me.
by chrisling October 08, 2009

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