1. verb - bother, irritate, annoy, ride, harass
2. verb - have sex with doggystyle
3. noun - hound, player, one who seeks meaningless sex with multiple partners
1. Dude! Don't dog me like that!
2. After getting her cunt nice and wet with my tongue, I bent her over to dog her for a while.
3. Men are dogs.
by Prp Guy April 04, 2006
The funniest fucking word ever.
Guy 1: Dogs
Guy 2: Starts Laughing Hysterically
by KevinP March 06, 2012
A quadrupedal species with fur covering most of it's body. Distinguishing characteristics include a snout of sorts, a wet nose, large canine teeth, obviously, and being more intelligent than any human will ever be. They deserve to be wearing clothing and walking on 2 legs, not us.
You know what? I'm going to take off my clothes and put them on the next dog I see. He deserves it.
by A depressed person. January 22, 2012
A butt or ass, usually referred to when speaking about a girls behind.
Jeff: Damn,Dil. Look at her dog!
Dilbert: Dude. That is one of the nicest dogs I have ever seen.
Girl: ugh perverts...
by Bigdogfanman February 01, 2011
1. "Dog" is another word for "slack".

2. It is also another word for ditching.
1. "I dumped Andre yesterday!"
"Dude, that's so dog."

2. "You dogged me yesterday to talk with your boyfriend!"
by killersex. May 18, 2009
Origin: Australia, Western Suburbs


an action done, which requires a person to leave someone or a group of people for something else

other words : doggage, dogged (past tense)

John: Ay my gf just called i have to leave

Paul: Far man your such a dog

Bob: hey did u hear wat john did?

Alvin: yeh man dats jst doggage
by thatguy010101 April 24, 2009
delusions of grandeur;a person who tells stories to make it seem like they are more than they are.
I refuse to talk to that D.O.G. whenever he comes in here. i don't have the patience for his stories.
by Melissa NY January 23, 2009
A canine pack animal who loves human companionship.
Eats cats. Can take down large game. Doesn't sleep all day. Guards the house. Slobbers on the in-laws. Working animal. Easy to train. Happily greets you when you come home. Has good taste in furniture, particularly when eating said furniture.
Most of all, the dog is a great human companion.
Not a cat.
Owner: This is my dog, Butch.
In-law: Oh what a cute- AGH! My shoes!

Owner: Butch, I'm home!!
Butch: *happy greeting*

by Lycanthrope April 09, 2008

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