1. verb - bother, irritate, annoy, ride, harass
2. verb - have sex with doggystyle
3. noun - hound, player, one who seeks meaningless sex with multiple partners
1. Dude! Don't dog me like that!
2. After getting her cunt nice and wet with my tongue, I bent her over to dog her for a while.
3. Men are dogs.
by Prp Guy April 04, 2006
some random chinese guy's dinner tonight
(chinese american family)
Kid: Mom what are we having for dinner tonight
Kids Mom: our neighbors pet dogs
by pkielar69 February 08, 2011
I walked 2948723948723489327 miles yesterday. My dogs are killin' me.
by vesperay January 02, 2011
Verb. To abruptly leave someone for someone or something else.

Noun. Someone who isn't well respected by peers in his age group and lacks inner sources to be a fully functioning human. AKA, Loyal and dumb.
Yo man, that cracka dogged us out.

Yo dog, what's up, where home boy at?
by zerex April 23, 2007
Not a cat. A dog is not a cat.
That is not a cat. It is a dog.
by slickridah June 10, 2005
1. A domesticated animal often serving as pets for human beings.

2. God spelled backwards, leading one to think not whether God is hite or black, rather if he is human at all
1. Dogs love postmen

2. uoy nopu htarw sih hsaelnu lliw dog
by . . . June 03, 2005
Dog is Duane Lee Chapman, owner of Da Kine Bail Bonds in Honolulu and self-proclaimed "Greatest Bounty Hunter in the World." Six thousand-plus captures over the past two decades have earned this highly intense, charismatic ex-con and born-again Christian such a distinction.

He is the modern-day Billy the Kid - minus all the weaponry. "Regulators," he'll often bellow to his supporting cast of bounty hunters, which often includes family members and friends, "mount up!"

He's also the king of comebacks - a modern-day hero who was once a zero after serving time in a Texas prison for first-degree murder. It's a conviction he claims was unfounded and later candidly discusses, for the first time ever, with Midweek.
"I am what rehabilitation stands for," claims the man who's been profiled on such TV shows as The Learning Channel's Secret World of Bounty Hunters and Court TV's Anatomy of a Crime, and whose Predator's Predator column at www.crime.com receives a bevy of hits on a daily basis. "I did time in prison, and that made my mother and father - not to mention the public - very ashamed of me."

And so as part of his penance, he vowed to help make America a safer place for all.
"Dog The Bounty Hunter"
by Jonny Armstrong June 03, 2005
Commonly known as a cigarette. Dogs, refers to cigarettes. Mainly used in South Australia as well as parts of Melbourne. Also can be reffered to as Pup or Puppy. However, word can be used to excession, and can tend to annoy the average being. The question is...have you got any?
I was just wondering, have you got any dogs?
What kind you got?
I really need a dog!
Lets go have a dog!
Lets go looch up a pup!
Looch me a dog.
Lets stop and buy some puppies.
by Tony April 20, 2005

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