1. verb - bother, irritate, annoy, ride, harass
2. verb - have sex with doggystyle
3. noun - hound, player, one who seeks meaningless sex with multiple partners
1. Dude! Don't dog me like that!
2. After getting her cunt nice and wet with my tongue, I bent her over to dog her for a while.
3. Men are dogs.
by Prp Guy April 04, 2006
How Asians and Mexicans pronounce the name "Doug."
Although his name is Doug, when certain ethnic types (ie, Asians and Hispanics) call his name it sounds like they are calling their pet. Example: "Hi Dog, long time no see. I hear you are a Wadder." Therefore, to these ethnic types, Doug tells them his name is something else to avoid the embarrassment of being called a dog.
by dungeonmistress December 29, 2009
The –Dog phenomenon occurs when a person has a friend or associate, generally someone exceptionally white, who thinks their ghetto. This person aka wanker adds Dog to the end of the name of every single person they come into contact with as they believe it makes them look cool.
person one: Hey Em-dog,hey bree-dog,
Person Two: Fuck Off
by kangaandjunk October 06, 2008
A word used to point out the obvious in situations when people ask a stupid question, and the answer is right in front of their eyes. Founded while playing EQ2 and annoying kid was asking stupid questions if that was truly a dog or not.
Random GNN kid: "Is that a dog? Is that a dog? IS THAT A DOG?"
Robbie + Henry: "NO ITS A DOG"!!!!!
by Robert Segrin December 12, 2007
slang for a "dog" is a litre of cider
"lets go get a 2dog of cider"
meaning lets go buy 2litres of cider
by blackeye August 28, 2007
Oxycontin. Usually the green 80mg pills, but not nessasarily.
Hey Brian, do you know where i can get some dogs?
Man, im so high i just railed like 1 and a half dogs.
by msteck May 17, 2007
Verb. To abruptly leave someone for someone or something else.

Noun. Someone who isn't well respected by peers in his age group and lacks inner sources to be a fully functioning human. AKA, Loyal and dumb.
Yo man, that cracka dogged us out.

Yo dog, what's up, where home boy at?
by zerex April 23, 2007
Your homie, pimp. Ya know, the G in your crib
Yo Dog why dont you fuck in yo nickies biatch?


YO fuckpants why you be fuckin' my dog.
by CJ011 June 22, 2005

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