A canine pet owned by a person for fun and companionship. It is fed, loved, and cared for.

A canine working partner owned by a rancher to help herd animals. It is fed, loved, and cared for.

An animal companion who shares living space with a yuppie or a dink couple. It is spoiled rotton and treated far better than many people. It serves in lieu of a child, is never disciplined, and is the favorite topic of conversation.
Samantha and her dog walk along the river each day.
by Tuna Wanda May 14, 2005
A dog- Is a four legged animal, In the Canid family,That follows to the wolf. They Have different emotions and are domesticated as pets. "dawg" Is a slang .
-Woah, The dog's dancing!
-Whaddup Dawg!
by NekoKitty October 10, 2015
Loves Us More Than It Loves Itself
Not every person knows how to love a dog , But every dog knows how to love a person
by Alaca karanlık October 03, 2015
The best friend you can have! He/she is loyal and you always love them as much or more than family. Because they are family!
I hate all the humans at my job. Imma go get the man's best friend, a dog!
by TheEmeraldDog February 06, 2015
An adjective used to describe rude, unfriendlike or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Appears to have originated at Newlands College in New Zealand.
Person 1: I gave Bob money to buy me maccas but he ate it himself.
Person 2: That's so dogs, man!
by VickiandJosh4EVZ September 26, 2014
A small woodland creature named for its creator, God. The reason it is spelled backwards is because it is a very evil creature, and some say its backwards. Its head is also backwards. The main reason it is so evil is because it will steal your left sock while you are sleeping. It will also take your regular alpacas AND your sushi alpacas. Watch out! You have been warned. Make a ring around your bed of right socks full of parsnips to ward them off. Good luck.
Wake up! A dog is stealing your left sock!
by Bobby Singer September 06, 2014
A small to moderately sized four-legged furry thing.
It's name is an acronym for; "Digestible Object Gurgitator"
It lives on table-scraps, chum, biscuits and anything it can feasibly get into it's mouth.
My pet Dog refuses to register Mc'Cain's Micro Chips as an edible foodstuff.
by Psychedelic Warlord January 08, 2013
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