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A canine pet owned by a person for fun and companionship. It is fed, loved, and cared for.

A canine working partner owned by a rancher to help herd animals. It is fed, loved, and cared for.

An animal companion who shares living space with a yuppie or a dink couple. It is spoiled rotton and treated far better than many people. It serves in lieu of a child, is never disciplined, and is the favorite topic of conversation.
Samantha and her dog walk along the river each day.
by Tuna Wanda May 14, 2005
A man, who is not a bitch,
who dominate his friends or companion.
Typically used by and to individuals of african american heritage.
White guy: Yo, it's cool dog.
Black guy: Are you fucking crazy?

Get the fuck out of here!
by MOPEMAH May 08, 2009
Origin: Australia, Western Suburbs


an action done, which requires a person to leave someone or a group of people for something else

other words : doggage, dogged (past tense)

John: Ay my gf just called i have to leave

Paul: Far man your such a dog

Bob: hey did u hear wat john did?

Alvin: yeh man dats jst doggage
by thatguy010101 April 24, 2009
delusions of grandeur;a person who tells stories to make it seem like they are more than they are.
I refuse to talk to that D.O.G. whenever he comes in here. i don't have the patience for his stories.
by Melissa NY January 23, 2009
Beer, particularily Newcastle Brown Ale, a beer popular in The UK, Australia & the USA. The term started as a Geordie euphemism for slipping out to the pub i.e. "I'm going to walk the dog" or "I'm going to see a man about a dog" and has since become synonymous with this brand of beer.
"I'll have a bottle of dog please mate."
by Ager August 22, 2006
Its a fucking dog. A mans god damn best friend
Its a dog dude. Come on. Really?
An animal who's only intent is to eat your homework.
teacher: Where's your homework?
student: My dog ate it.
teacher: Come see me at lunch.
Dog: You got PWND, Bitch!
by dog eats hmwrk guy October 02, 2013
Not an accessory.
Bitch: Like, OMG! This cute dog will so totally compliment my new Coach bag!

Me: Dogs are not an accessory, their lives are more useful than yours.
by Diiiak February 19, 2013