A canine pet owned by a person for fun and companionship. It is fed, loved, and cared for.

A canine working partner owned by a rancher to help herd animals. It is fed, loved, and cared for.

An animal companion who shares living space with a yuppie or a dink couple. It is spoiled rotton and treated far better than many people. It serves in lieu of a child, is never disciplined, and is the favorite topic of conversation.
Samantha and her dog walk along the river each day.
by Tuna Wanda May 14, 2005
It's god you spelled it wrong.
Almighty DOG
by Radamanthys Menenthil August 29, 2008
Australian slang for racing greyhounds, or a greyhound racing event. See also dishlickers.
I won a hundred dollars on the dogs last week.
by geoffb October 16, 2006
The funniest fucking word ever.
Guy 1: Dogs
Guy 2: Starts Laughing Hysterically
by KevinP March 06, 2012
A quadrupedal species with fur covering most of it's body. Distinguishing characteristics include a snout of sorts, a wet nose, large canine teeth, obviously, and being more intelligent than any human will ever be. They deserve to be wearing clothing and walking on 2 legs, not us.
You know what? I'm going to take off my clothes and put them on the next dog I see. He deserves it.
by A depressed person. January 22, 2012
Amongst Australian criminals Dog is slang for Snitch.
"You're all soft cocks, dogging on your mates in the cop shop. You'll get shot with uncle Chop Chop."

Chopper Read Rap song
by Tolpuddle Martyr April 07, 2011
A butt or ass, usually referred to when speaking about a girls behind.
Jeff: Damn,Dil. Look at her dog!
Dilbert: Dude. That is one of the nicest dogs I have ever seen.
Girl: ugh perverts...
by Bigdogfanman February 01, 2011
delusions of grandeur;a person who tells stories to make it seem like they are more than they are.
I refuse to talk to that D.O.G. whenever he comes in here. i don't have the patience for his stories.
by Melissa NY January 23, 2009

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