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A sausage(the dog) in a buttered roll .. not a pastry sausage roll .. not a hotdog ...
2 dog rolls , 2 bacon rolls and a pint of milk please ...
by J.J.M November 17, 2007
Doing a Dog Roll is rolling like a dog.
Dog Roll - the best solution for every epic situation.
Doing a Dog Roll is always win, but only those who can perform it perfectly are allowed to use it.
<Allar> Need a girlfriend on Runescape, I have level 55 construction =]
<Jorgen`> Do a Dog Roll!
<Allar> Oh!

<Jorgen`> Haha. rank 8 and rank 9 attack here atm :P
<Sick-Mic> Impressive, but can they do a dog roll?
<Jorgen`> Sick-Mic, nope. I did a dog roll and I got 10 chicks digging me
by ColaDrinkrrr April 22, 2008