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A Korean woman whose dog defecated on a subway train. When asked by passengers to clean up after her dog, the woman refused. When she was given a tissue by a passenger, she used it to clean her dog.

A member of the secret society of the internet took her picture and placed it on several Korean web sites. The woman was soon identified, and her personal information, posted.

News of this woman, now called dog poop girl, spread like wildfire, all the way to the west. This woman even got her own article on wikipedia. Bitch.

Anyway, when basically the whole internet world (as well as some Korean news stations, who broadcasted special stories about her) found out about her, public humiliation drove dog poop girl to drop out of college. Dog poop girl was harassed and forced to endure death threats, among other, unlogged things.

Truly a lesson that, when dealing with social affairs, you should always be wary of the internet police. We will get you. We will find you. We cannot be stopped.
"did you hear about that dog poop girl?"
"lol, yeah. What a bitch. Just clean up the damn poop."

(in Korea)

"(korean) did you hear about that dog poop girl?"
"(also in korean) lol, yeah. What a bitch. Just clean up the damn poop"
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an incredibly beautiful south korean girl who let her dog shit on the subway. somebody took a pic of the incident on their camera phone and posted online. soon, the internet vigilantes got ahold of it and found out her personal info. they pretty much ruined the girl's life over dog shit.
the dog poop girl is absolutely beauitful but she sure did fuck up.
by dog poop guy June 05, 2007
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