A pile of shit that has a pretzel like appearance much like that of a large dog.
Who in the hell left this nasty ass dog knot in the toilet!!!!

I was walking on the lawn and stepped in a giant don knot.
by B Warden March 22, 2007
Top Definition
In engineering, an enlarged section of a rod or pipe to retain it in a hole.
In biology. The inflation of the carpus cavernosum of a dogs penis during intercourse.
"Throw a dog knot around that shaft so it don't come loose."
by Julie Groman April 26, 2003
TO be tied to a woman like to dogs humping.
I was hammering her in the back set and the cops pulled up and we were in a dog knot trying to get off each other
by elunchmeat September 03, 2006
A kinmd deed which goes wrong.
Inviting the intersex person Krytelline Aphrodite for an interview then discovering s/he had jutting teeth with one missing causing incomprehensibility.
by hylas 2002 August 01, 2003
"Any male with a sack
cliff meyer has a dog knot
by Cursive March 14, 2005
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