the act of sexual intercourse in such a vile, filthy manner that it is happily reminiscent of the ugly, disgusting way in which dogs have sex.
Ned: Hey dude, get any pussy?
Ed: Oh dude, I was dog fucking that skank so bad the film would probably be illegal if sold in the civilized world. I just dog fucked that nasty cunt.
by afterbirtha September 03, 2009
Top Definition
to be at work but not actually doing any work, at all. Another way of saying you/someone is lazy.
Tim: man, I havn't done a thing all day
Jim: you are such a dog fucker

Jim: Damit Tim will you do somthing, quit dog fucking

Tim: Im so tired and half cut, Im gona dog fuck all day
by kevyn r February 16, 2008
Wasting time, lazing around, procrastinating. When you're supposed to be somewhere, and you're late, you're dogfucking.
Note this definition has nothing to do with actually having sex with canines.
Guy #1: Is Dave coming?
Guy #2: Who knows how long he'll be, he's been dogfucking all day.
by Turbonator November 22, 2005
To be doing shit-all at work when it is expected to get something done.
"John is a dogfucker, have you even seen him in the last two hours?"

"Whats going on dogfucks?"

"What were you doing, out dogfucking?"
by Weldyweldy December 18, 2011
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