some one who does sexually things to dogs
dog: woof woof) david ker: that dog is hot come here dog come to my bed im gona stick my dick in you. poor dog :( he really did fuck his dog dog fucker ew
by bettyboop8849 July 21, 2010
Top Definition
basically a term used to describe an individual who does not do his fair share of work (eg. walking around talking, smoking, whatever else, but avoiding doing any actual work)

a person who "fucks the dog" or is "dog fucking" is
my supervisor at the factor is the biggest dog fucker in the world (he never does any work)
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
Fucking of at work.
see Milking the clock.
If my boss so much as sez another word to me about that shit! i'm gonna fuck the dog the rest of the day
by bob rains September 02, 2003
A lazy person. See Fucking the dog.
You haven't even started working on your essay yet? Honestly, you're the biggest dogfucker I've ever seen.
A stupid lazy son-of-a-bitch who sits around doing jack-shit all day, and mooch's weed off you like a motherfucker.
Guy #1 - "So what did you accomplish today, you dogfucker?"

Guy #2 (Dogfucker) - "Jack shit."
by OH MA GURD February 28, 2010
An aircraft electrician serving the Royal Air Force.
Because they do, there is an urban myth in the RAF that recounts a tale of an aircraft electrician that was caught having sex with a dog.
Pilot: I ave a problem with the NR indicator.
Line Swine: I'll get a dogfucker to come and have a look at it for you
by Not a DF April 03, 2007
a female that have sexual intercourse with a group of men that are friends but, is actually dating one of them.
that dog fucker she had sex with all my friends.
by kaddy18 June 21, 2016
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