When the penis is actually sucked all the way inside the body and looks like the package of a k-9
Holly shit! That water in lake Huron is so fucking cold I just scored a major case of dog dick.
by bastubes November 14, 2007
Top Definition
A dog dick is when a guy's pubes start to migrate up the shaft. Usually 1-2 inches up the shaft is hairy. Trimming only makes it grow in thicker.
This chick said she loved guys with dog dicks, but she never gave me a blowjob. I think the crabs turned her off.
by Karl Brutenowsky October 15, 2006
Endearing nickname
"S'up Dogdick?"

"Shave your choda lately Dogdick-you stupid twit bastard?"
by R.Trelford March 05, 2004
a multipurpose word meaning something is either good or bad
positive: check out this DOGDICK bud i got

negative: damn spilling the bong was some DOGDICK ass shit man

by karl lazlo September 04, 2008
n. a cigarette which has had the life sucked out out of it. Like when you drag too hard and too fast and you leave a mangled stump of ash. It looks and smokes like shit. It usually happens when one of your greedy mates bums a drag off you at a club.
He took his cigarette back and looked at it, appalled. What the hell had happened to it in the last minute and a half since it had been out of his sight? Someone has sucked on it too hard and now it's all burned down around the outside, leaving a disgusting stump of ragged ash where his cigarette used to be. He turned to his friend. "Thanks for that."
"What do you mean?" his friend asked innocently.
He pushed the cigarette in his friend's face. "Look at this. Dog dick!"
"Sorry about that."
"Why don't you just give up, it would be cheaper for both us."
by lewislama September 22, 2006
1. An uncircumcised penis.

2. The dick of a dog.
1. "I'm glad that I'm cut. Dog dick looks fuckin nasty."

2. "Haha, look at that dog. He's got a dog dick."
"No shit Sherlock...."
by What the shit? October 03, 2008
another term for the Spartan Laser from Halo 3. The laser has a red color, and thusly is like a "red rocket" or a dog dick.
quick go get the dog dick before the blue team can get it.

Oh shit, i hear the dog dick
by Jordan Halo 3 Beta Tester May 19, 2007
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