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(1) Someone who partakes of bestiality
(2) An imflamitory libel, most likey causing the libeler to get a smack from the libelee
(2) The name given to men who make a habit of pulling the really ugly girls at 1.50am as the nightclub is winding up
(1) "Yes, M'Lord, when I arrested him, he was dog bothering."

(2) "Fuck off you dog botherer *ouch*"

(3) "It's getting late, the bar is about to shut and I cant find Bob!"
"Oh dont worry about him, he's a dog botherer. He will have pulled some fat bird!"
by BrettS June 11, 2005
Derogatory phrase, used in a similar fashion to shit stabber, sheep shagger and mexican cheese dragon.
Oh my god that guy is such a dog botherer...

You fucking jeylord I bet you bother dogs...
by Squirrelking May 08, 2004