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To have a blissful moment or a moment where you are dreaming off a better world or Imagining a fantasy and it is a better alternative then the real world.
a moment where you are happy and before you are back to reality..."a girl was dreaming of her prince charming"

when something seems real and blissful and better then the real world. This is a doepel moment
by Gracen and Mona November 30, 2009
Pronounced "dough-pell"

1- To drink extreme volumes of alcohol, in particular goon. Also known as "doepelling".

2- Nickname given to someone who consumes, or is capable of consuming, great amounts of alcohol.
1- "Did you see Lisa last night? She chucked/threw/did the biggest doepel!"
"We're doepelling it tonight! Woo!"

2- "Boris? He's one mighty doepel."
"Charlie's ex-boyfriend is an extreme doepel."
by Archie P October 03, 2008
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