another name for a really awesome chick
dody is awesome
#awesome #amazing #splendid #glorious #swell
by opalkronkie October 22, 2009
Top Definition
weed marajuana pot lye
where da dody at?
pass dat dody.
wanna buy sum dody?
by paul August 31, 2004
a show of extreme slowness in mental capacity.
how dody is that...?
by angela June 06, 2003
A word that black people use to describe weed, they always use it to try to get me to buy it, ie "Its that straight dody". Every time ive ever bought weed from a black person its always been cheap as hell, sucked very badly and i had to sort through the bag to take out seeds stems and other shit thats in this "dody". For all the hood people out there that are thinking, but its so much cheaper, its really not at all price/weight yes it is cheaper, but price/thc percentage, its actually anywhere from 4-10 times cheaper to smoke dank than to smoke schwag.
Random nig: i got that straight heaters dody
Me: Thats brickweed ?
Random nig: naw playa this that fire fire shit its the best ive had lately.
Me: Well then u get dirt weed and you suck at life.
Random nig # 2: man random nig thats that straight dody,
Me: Random nig # 2, what does dody even mean?
Random nig # 2: it means its the finest around.
Me: f this im out im gonna go pick up a quarter and start blazin.
#brickweed #dirt #seeds #shit weed #i work at burger king
by I smoke Jack Herer October 25, 2006
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