American car maker and the middle class section of Chrysler. Designed amazing cars in the late '70s and maker of decent cars today. Also designer of one of America's greatest sports cars, the Viper.
That Viper just kicked your ass, dude.
by Silverfox March 23, 2004
The best Automobile Manufacturer in the world.
1."My Dodge has been running strong for 27 years."

2."my neighbor got a Mazda and was running it into the shop a lot of times. Good thing i bought American,a Dodge at that."
by John Marston 1873 January 03, 2012
Dodge Landesman is most known for being the son of the head producer of the Producers. Dodge is 12 years old, and sees lots of Broadway musicals. He lives in NY, NY
The Dodge is there
by Sliminhighway September 15, 2003
D ear
O ld
D ad's
G reat
E xperiment
My Dodge truck will kick your Ford's ass anyday!
by AJ February 06, 2005
If you are gonna ram it DODGE RAM IT!
You can stay home and STROKE it while I go over to her place and RAM it.
by Shorty July 25, 2004
A division of chrysler that put rediculous amounts of horsepower and torque into small and big cars (srt 4, Viper, Ram Srt 10, magnum)
Holy Fuck!!! That Dodge Srt 10 has over 600 fucking horsepower!!! Shit It's fast
by Mr. noodlemyer and The Blob! June 10, 2005
We have driving dodges for years
And have very few problems,1998 ram 1500 100000 miles still runnin strong
by JERRY December 06, 2003

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