See Synonym: shit

Related to the word shit. Refering to the Dodge brand of Motor Vehicles that are shitty.
Dude I just dropped a massive Dodge in the woods.

by josh_fucking_cates August 07, 2008
1. a healthy alternative to a cuss word
3. You're full of dodge!
by blake6969 September 29, 2007
(1) Make of car cheaply made, looks good, but breaks down prematurely.
(2) Make of car that sells for a low price but parts are expensive.
(3) The only make of truck or van that give you multiple choice on what to do when they cut you off in the middle of the road. (Should I dodge him or ram him?)
(4) Division of Chrysler that used to make good quality automobiles such as the Charger, but sacrifices quality for profit.
Note: these definitions also apply to Plymouth and Chrysler.
My Dodge Caravan's transmission blew again.
by jondapicam November 05, 2003
The most homosexual vehicle you can drive , roughly translated as Dick On Dick Gay Erection.
Mike: He drives a dodge.
Javier: Ewwwwww Dick On Dick Gay Erection.
by Mr.Zombie3000 January 28, 2011
To dodge or spy on someones actions and conversations then report the information back to the 'client' for payment.
"I need you to dodge John, I must to know if he is cheating on me."
by XDelta April 06, 2014
American car maker and the middle class section of Chrysler. Designed amazing cars in the late '70s and maker of decent cars today. Also designer of one of America's greatest sports cars, the Viper.
That Viper just kicked your ass, dude.
by Silverfox March 23, 2004
The best Automobile Manufacturer in the world.
1."My Dodge has been running strong for 27 years."

2."my neighbor got a Mazda and was running it into the shop a lot of times. Good thing i bought American,a Dodge at that."
by John Marston 1873 January 03, 2012

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