A school mainly comprised of wiggers and nerds. They think they're ghetto but they actually go to an A school and live in The richest safest part of Miami. They're all stuck up rich kids, many front as if they're in gangs.
Marcello Florio goes to doctors charter school
by harper3847isssdd July 15, 2009
Top Definition
hell on earth. not much more than that.
"don't breath at doctors charter school, you'll get a detention. trust me."
by thisnameistaken? April 13, 2009
the shittiest middle-high school in miami dade county, florida. haven for drug abusers, sellers, and rejects from other schools. while it is proclaimed to be third best school in the state, in reality it stands closer in ranking to NMSH and Beach High.
20% hispanic
30% white
5% asian
30% african american
10% zo
5% other
Doctors is the center of all shit, wherefore, shit goes down- The majority which is then carried on to MIami Shroezx. Hasd been referred to as "Drama Charter School."
"shit yo i went 2 doctors charter school wit Yoni and dey was gitin me sum o dem firey regz but all dey got wus da purple haze. gits"
by miareeffere October 25, 2007
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