A doctor is a person that has succeeded in research-related postgraduate studies of an extended period. Also known as a "doctor of philosophy".

Some professions such as medical practitioners, dentists, chiropractors and optometrists have more recently corrupted use of the term for their own personal ends.
"I am a doctor."

"Good, can you help me with my ingrown toenails?"

"No sorry, I'm a REAL doctor."
by Rob McQ August 04, 2006
Someone who received 8 years of training in the art of deductive guessing and suffers from the mental condition called "I must be god".
Sometimes God thinks he's a doctor.
by xntrc October 11, 2005
it is the word that describes having a shit and piss at the same time. Doctor (Shitpiss) is the full name.
"i really need to see the Doctor"
"you dont want to keep the Doctor waiting"
"im just going for a Doctor"
by Lord Twattington January 05, 2008
Someone whom decides to take the MCAT, and stay in school for a minimum of 11 years, only to forget everything they learned before, during and inevitably after Medical School, Internship, Residency, and Fellowships. Then, they loose their ability to speak like a normal human being. Typically they speak like smartasses because they don’t know how to think – remember, 11+ years of school has made them as smart as a box of rocks. Most are oxygen thieves, whom should consider ending their lives to save the rest of us from having to deal with them. Doctors pretend to know all, but really know nothing more than what lies behind the tip of their nose.
Recruiter: "Hello is Doctor Jesse available?"
Doctor: "Doctor Jesse!", "Who wants to know?!!"
Recruiter: "My name is Bobby, I work for Carilion..."
Doctor: "This is bull shit! Totally unprofessional!! Why did you call me at home, during dinner? You headhunters are incredulous! Don’t ever call my home again you son-of-a-bitch!"
......the phone is slammed on the receiver
The recruiter laughs because the opportunity happened to be about 40 minutes away from this oxygen thief, and it could have made him a millionaire!
by CL-Unit October 03, 2007
doctor, n. - proper sense: someone who masters the art of exploiting holes in the public health system and the gullibility of the general public in order to work on amassing a fortune. can be someone who has sat and passed medical examinations, but exceptions are known. the exploit is built upon implemented trust as illustrated by key sentences (see below).

doctor, n. - wider sense: someone who masters some type of art, often technical and elusive in nature.
trust me, i'm a doctor!
is there a doctor in the audience?
quick, quick, find a doctor!
by jagomir bohn June 29, 2004
A man or woman who claims to be an expert but just milks you of your money and practices extortion.
He charged me $4.75 for a cup of coffee! Who does he think he is, a doctor?
by GuidoPosse69 February 11, 2005
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