A med school graduate

Somehow commands a level of prestige in society beyond his means.
Person A: "I am a doctor"

by Pyro23 June 30, 2011
n. People who get paid to feel you up and stick needle into your exposed flesh for a living. Though it sounds like a good deal, to be one, you have to waste about 8 years of your life in college plus god-knows how many more years in med school. Being a doctor takes a massive toll on your mental health- They are tasked with having to tell people when they have an incurable disease, tell people that they can't have babies, and don't forget the occasional Colonoscopy!
Child: "Wow! Doctors are so cool! I want to be doctor when I grow up, too!"

Mother: "ROFLMFAO!!!"
by superdawge October 01, 2009
Scary. Very scary. Smiles, stabs you with needles, tells you everything is fine but it's really not...
Random Person 1: Where are you going?

Random Person 2: To the Doctor's office.

random Person 1: AHHHHHH!*faints*
by BeWareOfMe March 30, 2013
This word's usage is derived from shortening "damn right" to "dr" in internet instant messaging, which is of course the abbreviation for doctor. Occassionally it may be said so quickly and with so much aggression as to be pronounced "dotter".
Friend: Man, I really need to take a shower.
Me: Doctor you do.
by Goat City January 14, 2012
An idiot savant who fancies himself a genius.
He is a great doctor but thinks he is a financial genius. That is why society pays him 20 times the average salary so after he pisses 90% of it away we don't have to deal with homeless doctors.
by MedicalDirector September 24, 2014
drug dispensing walking lawsuits that are less informed then the internet phones people use.
hey doctor can i have some drugs for the problem webmd told me i have...thanks.
by southernbell90 November 29, 2012
Doctors are People that have a dark streak and a psychotic dark side that like to get paid very well for stabbing people with needles, cutting people open this knifes, bringing bad news and all that dark devil worshiping. the red cross Sells blood to doctors, 'cause all doctors are vampires, obviously. The few are Zombies and eat the dead patients brains. How can I prove this? Whenever something bad happens, like a fire, or a car crash, Guess who's there? The paramedics, which are the Devil doctors servants. These "mobile" devil worshippers are even worse then doctors, they can find you anywhere. They have trucks, buses, Helicopters and other devil transportation. So we are never safe from these Doctors. So what shall we do? Take that white doctors coat and turn it into a straitjacket.
Doctor:: Ma'ma your sons dead
Woman:: NO!
Doctors:: Ma'ma please sit down. Ma'ma! SUCURITY!
by Hawkington =]] February 02, 2008

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