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giving permission to someone in an overly formal and stuffy way.
"Hey, is it cool if I use your book?"
"Um, do so."
by shirleysniffles December 17, 2008
DOSO is a Metaphor, meaning two Doses. It is also referring to tha Letter "C" in Crip Gang Sign made with tha Index and Middle Fingers. Dos in Spanish means Two, which would be your two fingerz, making a Crip Gang Sign or "Tha DOSO". DOSO also refers to tha Duel Medicines, Marijuana and Codeine Syrup, Two Doses, or "Tha DOSO".
"Everytime I See A Blood, I Toss UP Tha DOSO." - "You Got that Po'UP and Blunt?" "Yezzir, I Came wit Tha DOSO."
by MACCMEEZE March 10, 2016
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