taking things to the next level. not resting on your own laurels. taking that extra step
man bert is doing it big in that heavy cheavy he not only has the 26 inch spinners he has 15 tv screens in it too.
by bert June 04, 2004
Top Definition
The term "do it big" came from a city in Louisiana called Baton Rouge. It was first heard throughout state of Louisiana by an artist know as LIL BOOSIE, not the headbussas. The term means if you're going to do something do it to the fullest of your abilities.
Nigga, if you gone slab that hoe out, you might as well do it big by putting the swaggaz on that hoe.
by Real Nigga Out The "A" October 16, 2005
it means to do the best you can when you are doing anything it was orignated from the sound i spoke i drink made by the headbussas
if you gone play basketball do it big then
by chris Lazard November 20, 2004
doing it BIG refers to getting extremely drunk or high and partying it up. It can reffer to the future or past or present.
Friend-"yo, wanna crash at my place tonight?"

You- "hells yeah, lets do it BIG!"
by redbird nation June 28, 2009
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