department of motor vehicles (aka hell)
going down to the DMV!
by jonny December 03, 2002
Stands for D.C. , Maryland, and Virginia area. Mostly used by radio commentators.

Another word for the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Another way to describe it is to note where the D.C. Metro train takes it riders. (any area outside that MAP is not considered the DMV area.)
He's from Bmore, he a bamma, he not from the DMV.

You Blowing me, keep lying talking bout you from the DMV.

Mostly people from DMV say KILL, Blowing Me, Know Me , Slim..
by Jazzy444 January 21, 2012
Possibly the worst department ever created/designed. U walk in and u wait for 7 hours just for them to direct u to another window to wait 8 hours. aka the worst place ive ever stepped into in my whole life.
Wife: Honey, how was the dmv?
Me: Great I only had to wait 5 hours instead of 15 this time!!!
Wife: Wow!!!!!! they must have been working really fast today
by labigsnoopac January 18, 2013
District, Maryland and Virginia*. The area where everyone knows each other or at least follows them on ig (instagram). We hardly go to the national monuments, but always make fun of the tourists as we drive by. Transportation includes the Metro and of choice is Chipotle and Chik-fil a. Some of us may of had the privilege to meet President Obama, but we all see him helicopter over our schools during recess. Everyone talks about how good their football or lacrosse team is but no one across the bridge understands why soccer is a spring sport in VA....we have our own slang and act like we are from the streets, but most of us live in the suburbs.

*northern Virginia
"Where are you from?"
"The DMV yo"
by rednuolf June 22, 2014
A contraction used on the internet that stands for "drain the main vein", the act of urinating.
Man, all those drinks are getting to me. BRB, gotta DMV.
by vagrant1 September 25, 2008
Dick my Vag.
Honey, I'm horny...DMV.
by hotwomen July 05, 2010
Drain the Main Vain. It basicly means the same thing as Water the Tree or to go number one.
I am going to DMV (Drain the Main Vain).
by Basil, Jr. May 31, 2007
A place for bitches.
Syonymous to hell
"Dang thats an ugly mofo, she belong at the DMV 4 sho!"

"Go back where you came from bitch! Iono what crazy things be roamin in the DMV these days"
by Joe Wentz December 15, 2007

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