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The premiere source to locate and download rare, legal live recordings of dmb, or Dave Matthews Band. Not a "dark, damp pit" as other definitions of haven indicate.
It's not on AntsMarching.org? Let me go to the DMB SHN Haven; they're sure to have it.
by Daneger March 23, 2005

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A Direct Connect Hub for trading lossless audio recordings of Dave Matthews Band concerts.
Let me visit the DMB SHN Haven - they have tons of live music there!
by spacemidget March 22, 2005
A dying group of hardcore DMB Live Recording junkies that use Direct Connect to spread p2p. A private hub that requires you to register with them on their website.
I can't find this flac/shn anywhere, I bet the goons over on DMB SHN Haven II have it for sure, let's go leech from them real quick. Hopefully they don't realize I'm spoofing 4gb of shn long enough for me to get what I need.

OH, hopefully spacemidget has a slot because his speeds are out of this fucking world.
by John II November 02, 2006