1. (Verb)when a girl makes a "swiveling" or "scraping" motion (as a DJ does when scraping the record) on her clitoris.

2. female masturbation

alternate forms:: dj, dj-ing, dj'd, dj-er
my wife began dj-ing in a lusty manner

whens the last time you dj'd?
by miketastic October 28, 2007
Top Definition
When a man rubs a woman's vagina through either her pants or underwear without penetration.
Oh man I was DJing that girl on the dance floor.
by A*Team February 08, 2012
When a girl masturbates her clit and it looks like she's working on the DJ decks.
Mary was feeling considerably horny so she went to her room and began DJing to some random porn movie she found on the internet
by indietwat July 28, 2013
When someone named DJ goes on a rampage due to any non-competitive game. *Origin: DJ Charley
Person 1: "Dude, why did DJ just punch the wall after a poor game of darts?"

Person 2: "It's fine man-he's just DJ'ing."
by Awhitin April 15, 2013
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