When an amazingly good looking young man decides his wife doesn't meet his standards. (Standards such as
Cooking ability, Money, Willing to be housewife, dishwashing abilities, ironing abilities, oh and she works and isn't allowed to buy shoes)
When Eddie Divorces Amy because her cookin abiliities are not up to par.
by The Sexiest man alive March 20, 2005
You ignorant idiots. The reality is that women are the ones who get ripped off financially from divorce. That's a myth that comes from the stereotype of women being gold-diggers. What's way more typical is women becoming single mothers who have no way of making ex-husbands pay child support.
You make me sick. I want a divorce.
by spanakopita November 02, 2005
Something there is way too much of in America. Statistics say approximately 50% of American marriages end in divorce. This is a very sad statistic if true. Divorce has numerous affects that can lead too emotional or financial insecurity for the couple, depression, and children and the family lose the foundation. It causes an awful lot of pain for the children involved. Often the children rarely get to see/visit one of the parents. Divorce can also create insecurity and a lack of trust for the children of divorced parents in their future relationships. Divorce affects much more than just the immediate party involved. It has affected much of American society, because the breakdown of the home leads to the breakdown of society with no foundation. Marriage and the family is the foundation of society and divorce breaks it down to produce an unstable society. This is a FACT. I'm tired of the politically correct nitwits claiming divorce is an improvement to the quality of your life for those who want their freedom again. This is bullcrap. If you want your freedom, then don't get married. Divorce has affects on society and always will. Period.

Most religions despise divorce and with good reason. In some rare instances, divorce can be an improvement. For example, the Bible and Christianity teach that divorce is acceptable (but not necessarily the first option) in marriages that involve infidelity, abandonment and abuse, BUT only as a last resort if things cannot be worked out. Who’s marriage doesn’t have problems and challenges? But divorce should NEVER be an option because any marriage can be rejuvenated. Don’t like your spouse anymore? Then do something to get closer to them: take a weekend trip together, have a date night once a month, ALWAYS apologize to each other after a disagreement, talk your disagreements out, focus on the good things about your spouse, etc. But divorce should NEVER be considered.
Divorce is a social cancer in America that has lead to instability in society.
by krock1dk December 17, 2007
punishment for being stupid enough to marry the bitch.
You got married, now you'll be paying for the rest of your life in the divorce settlement. Too bad you didn't get a pre-nup
by Vladimir January 24, 2004
The long way round to buy a house for a women you dont like.
by RS February 04, 2003
It's something that's way too common in America's society these days. It causes an awful lot of pain for the children of the parents. Often the children rarely ever get to see/visit one of the parents. The parents usually say "Don't worry, we're still friends" though loads of shit-talking goes on behind each other's backs. Leads to the parents dating other people because they "don't want to be alone", which may lead to a second marriage and a step-mom or step-dad who only seems to be there to give the children hell 24/7. Can cause depression. Divorces are complete bullshit.
Seeing my parents divorce has convinced me not to marry, since it's most likely that mine will end up the same way their's did.
by BlasianSensation October 24, 2004
Detailed explaination of divorce in plain English: Divorce 101

(D)addy getting screwed out of his life-savings.

(I)rate mommy packing up daddy's belongings, putting them out on the doorstep.

(V)endettas marked by malicous acts of revenge.

(O)rnery bitches who are hell-bent on destroying your life, making these derogatory remarks about your sex-life to their girlfriends.

(R)ich, powerful attorneys making an absolute fortune off your hard-earned money with these mounting legal bills.

(C)onstant nagging from an ex-wife to a deadbeat father for his refusal to pay any child support.

(E)xcessive alcohol consumption to ease a beleaguered man's pain.
"My parents got a divorce a year and a half ago."
by Tagman77 February 17, 2004

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