1. n. Proof in writing that a female failed to secure complete control over her mate, as well as failing to forcefully change him into the person she saw fit for herself, usually involving the looting of 1/2 of the males' monetary and/or physical belongings which is often stolen legally by said parasitic gold diggers; of which make up 99.9% of the female population.
Guy #1: "My wife is a cheating whore."

Guy #2: "Bitches ain't nothin' but hoes and tricks."

Guy #1: "You're right. I need a divorce."
by NYC February 05, 2006
When your dad is emotionally abusive and pushes your mom and steals your stuff, and leaves, and your mom is crying all night, and says it's over, and dad gets an apartment and wants you to be with him, but you hate him, and eventually you never talk to him and it's almost like he never even existed?

That's divorce.
My parents are getting a divorce and it's nasty.
by dysfunctional family September 09, 2010
1. Derived from the greek words divo, meaning lawyer, and vorccia, meaning the removal of half of your worldly belongings.

2. The liberation of an enslaved male from an enviroment of continual torture by nagging.

3. The only way to appease the beast living in your home, eating your food, driving your car, and drinking your booze, after you stumble home from Mexico with two dead prostitutes.
by bob_the_russian November 05, 2003
The screw-in' you get, for the screw-in' you got!
A way to put out the trash. Grabage costs money to get rid of!
by bob January 05, 2004
1)the most pathetic excuse for your parents being a bunch of stupid shits.

they suck and ruin lives.

nothing good comes out of them, except for the wife, who gets to rape her ex with childsupport, which mostly gets spent on stupid shit
(in my situation, a new set of dishes, and big screen tv...)

2)a way to show your kids that you don't care about them cause you want to go and fuck up their lives by messing them up socially, mentally, AND emotionally...
my parents are failures as parents and thus got a divorce, and i will never forgive them for that.
by greg April 19, 2004
To legally get rid of the leeching, lazy scumbag you mistakenly married when you were young and naive.
I threw a party when my divorce was final.
by LaDeena June 02, 2006
1)A legal way for women to steal mens assets. 2)A goldiggers tool.
Bif lost his house and is always broke from paying out alimony to his ex.
by minny the moocher November 26, 2003

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