The legal ending of a marital contract between a man and a woman. A very common occurance in the US since the 1960s.
Often the result of either one or both partner's utter refusal to communicate with each other when something is wrong, and letting problems build, and seething under the surface until one of the parties, gives up and leaves. This leaves the "left" spouse in complete confusion because of the lack of communication, they did not see it coming. Becoming even more prevalent since the advent of internet personal sites and chat rooms. One partner after blindly thinking that the person he is chatting with actually resembles Angelina Jolie, decides that the grass is greener on the other side. The biggest victims of this epidemic are actually children who quickly develop a mistrust of the opposite sex.
Mike filed for divorce from his wife after he met "bubbles" on line. What a surprise to discover that he abandoned his wife and children for Bubba.
by Aftershock1971 December 19, 2005
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the legal ending of a marriage
The reason why divorce is so expensive is because it's worth it.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
from the latin meaning to rip a man's genitals out through his wallet.
by fairy nuff September 23, 2003
When your friends were right...
Married Guy- Hey bro I'm getting a divorce

Friend- It's about time, I told you she was a bitch
by iGetJuiced August 08, 2009
This is what happens when the woman realizes that she can't completely change the man she married and thus needs someone new, fresh, and exciting. She knows that he has done nothing wrong and has tried very hard to be a good husband, so she will be very conflicted until she finds another man in which to confide her deepest desires. This new man will give her the confidence she needs to ditch her husband. "All you want is to be happy," the new man will say. This is a successful play by the new man to get into her panties.

Lovesick and out-of-character behavior may ensue by the man in his incredible frustration. Fortunately for the wife, the system is stacked completely in her favor. Half of his savings go to her. She gets a protective order when he tells her what a bitch she is being. Her friends and family move in to protect her from her supposedly vindictive and psychotic ex-husband. The cheating is shrugged off as an afterthought. All is well in her world.
Raquel: You haven't done anything wrong, but I want a divorce. I found someone all new and shiny. Also, I'd like half of your savings.
David: How could you do this to me? *starts to cry* I deserve better. I was a good husband.
Raquel: Your feelings aren't my concern anymore. We're getting a divorce, remember? By the way, I feel so incredibly loved by the new man it's almost surreal.
David: Fuck you, you ice cold little bitch!
Raquel: That's it, I'm taking a restraining order out on you.
After the restraining order is taken out, David begins to have nightmares. Raquel moves in with her new man and lives happily ever after.
by Matthew West April 23, 2006
An event that has become very common in today's society. Affects children more than adults-generally causes the parents to tell their children that "We're still friends" while talking shit about the absent partner and forcing the child to call them to tell them something. It is also the beginning of the introduction of a step-parent (aka demon in most cases) who feels it is their role in life to be a complete ass- all the freakin time.
me:I don't know a single person whose parents are still married, do you?
Jim: I don't either, thats bad isnt it?
by Me November 01, 2003
An ugly thing that hurts more than one of the parents. It can break a young child's heart. See the example below!
Mom: Billy, your father and I are getting a divorce.

Dad: Now, don't think this is all about you.

Billy: It was me! I was the one who killed the cat.

Mom: Not true. Pooders fell of a cliff.

Billy: Will you still live with each other?

(Mom and Dad glance at each other.)

Mom: No I'm sorry. Daddy is moving out.

Billy: Why?
(runs up to bedroom)
by kebsturr March 19, 2009
1) To separate or depart from.

2) Separation of married couples or ending of a civil union resulting in the inevitable destruction of family units and the partial if not full-ruining of the lives of offspring tied to both parties.

3) The most selfish act a parent can do second only to cheating on their spouse and abusing their family.
1) The metal sheet divorced from its counterpart as the bolts and screws came loose.

2) The divorce rate in America is above 50% nowadays despite the drop in ceremonial marriages. No wonder everyone is so fucked up: they're too damn selfish to get along with anyone else...

3) My mom divorced my dad despite the lack of infidelity or abuse. My mom is a heartless bitch who can go to hell.
by Axiomatic June 25, 2009

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