The voluntary act of a player of association football or soccer in the U.S where he or she falls unexpectedly as to gain the free kick or penalty for their own team. Divers are looked down upon in the community of football and will usually be given a card for their actions. If a very obvious dive is noticed, the player might even be fined by FIFA.
"Diving is ruining football"
"Did you see last night's game? The guy dived in the box and recieved a penalty kick for his team. The ref didn't even notice!"
by flimer64 June 10, 2008
Top Definition
1a. Gymnastics like aquatic sport, most participants are of Asian decent. Becuase they are the shit at diving.
1b. Throwing yourself involentarially off of high platforms and contemplating why the whole way down.
2a. A sport mostly associated with swimming, but the only simalarity is the water.
2b. A sport that, like swimming, requires you to paractice more than once a day at the most obsurd and early hours of the morning.
3. Most swimmers are jealous of divers because they are more graceful and their practices have more meaning than swimming practice.
swimmer: What time do you have diving practice this afternoon?
diver: 2pm just like you.
2 and a half hours later after practice...
diver:How was your diving practice?
swimmer: barrying myself alive would have been more fun! How was yours?
diver: our practice was cancelled to give us more rest.
by Lisa Schmidt October 12, 2006
Diving: (Verb) Diving is the act entering the internet and delving deeper than most net 'surfers' tend to, using many or all old links you find in an effort to locate an obscure piece of information.
When Diving, the diver located a picture of Rosy O'Donnel before she was fat and ugly.
by Nekko Erickson January 18, 2006
In reference to hockey. It is when a player tries to get the attention for the ref to get a penalty against the opposing team.
diving- "REF! did you see that?!"
"that's Bush league"
"look at Dylan, he's so diving"
by isbell January 30, 2009
The act of "Urban" exploration.
Diving into hidden area's is the most fun, preformed by children and teenagers, generally punks
by KRZKRZKRZ April 14, 2009
The sport in which you move your body in forms and you are judged upon the form.
Flying body tossing is NOT diving!
-Coach Mike
by Joe67 January 11, 2007
Patronising establishments beneath your financial & social station, typically when already drunk from having a few at your local or some other more decent place. Usually done in multiple locations in the same night. A form of "slumming" specific to drinking alcohol.
"Me and John went diving last night. We started at that welfare bar on the next block over and moved down the street to those places around that block with publically funded housing. Total white trash karaoke nightmare, dude."
by erikisdead January 22, 2008
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