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an all-girls catholic school known for its excellence in education and for creating an all around confident and capable young woman. some of the richest families in wisconsin donante larrrge sums of money in order to keep dsha at the top. the girls have the reputation of being judgmental snobs who refuse to wear anything but the finest of fashions. marc jacobs and prada are the most popular designers here, while true religion, chloe, james perse, alice + olivia, diane von furstenberg, vince, lacoste, burberry and nicole miller are also common. girls who actually think it is ok to walk around in mall fashions such as abercrombie or hollister are severely looked down upon. weekend activities include getting shitfaced, going out to dinner on the "east side," going to one of the many milwaukee beaches during summer, going to parties around the milwaukee area, shopping and oh yeah.. getting shitfaced on their parents' money (or stealing some bottles of their parents' stoli while their parents are at one of the many fancy benefits or socials) the fact that there has actually been a book written about dsha called "whores on the hill" pretty much sums up these girls' sex lives. dsha is also known as "dick sucking hores of america," pretty much explaining their lack of inhibitions in bed. in general, DSHA girls are always ready for a good time and will drive anywhere in their lexuses to find one. they cant get lost if they have gps!! while most parents can be seen pulling up to the parents' wine and cheese socials in mercedes and even a few feraris, the midwestern value of working for your accomplishments means that parents will get their daughters lexuses for their first cars. after all, it is their first car.. shouldnt they work up to that rolls royce?
divine savior holy angels high school girl, approaching an attractive boy at a party: "hey im emily, youre hot. lets have sex. or if you want i can give you head!!"
attractive boy: "wow.. youre from ds, arent you?"
dsha girl: "DUH! now lets get shitfaced and hook up so i can tell all my friends about it and be the latest rumor"
attractive boy: "...ha alright.. if you insist"

the following week will be all about this hot hook up and also, most likely, the clothes that they were wearing before they ripped them off.
by christian wheeler September 16, 2007
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