1)An old old wooden ship, used in the civil war era.

2)A group of people with different Backrounds
1)I believe Diversity is an old old wooded ship used in the civil war era. (Ron Burgundy)

2)Asian, Hispanic, White, Black, Indian w/e ya are
by Killojack7 March 04, 2008
well.. it is in fact an old wooden ship.. used by the vikinga to come over to america to rape and pillage the natives...most were common swedish folk
- Well, i am swedish - i rape women on diversity
by Nardo- - April 03, 2005
What keeps life interesting. Without it the human race would be a bunch of identical mindless drones.
Screw diversity. Let's just all be exactly alike in everyway. That'll be exciting!
by PeachyKeen June 25, 2003
Something White people hate and feel that every single black person who is in university or at a high paying job didn't earn that position. Even though they know little of that person's life.

What makes a society great but white people are afraid of it.
A bunch of skinheads attacked a black kid on a university campus. The black kid then had to apologize to the skinheads who handed his ass to him.

by dkdkdkkdkfvg July 05, 2006
Anybody and everybody as long as they are NOT Caucasian.
The NAACP is very diverse because of the low number of Caucasian members.

The NBA is very diverse because of all the black members.

The United Nations needs more diversity because there's too many white people.
by Jack Klompus May 18, 2016
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