correct me if im wrong but i believe diversity is an old wooden ship used to transport goods during the civil war
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by sam heird January 05, 2005
The word "diversity” is often a subtle, insidious and racist term used to mask a condescending, self-serving ego trip amongst white people. When a white person says, “I want to move to a neighborhood where there is more diversity” or “I don’t like living in the suburbs. It’s not diverse enough,” one must examine the motivations behind those statements. When considering a place to live one must take numerous factors into account – safety, school quality, home values or rental prices, availability of services, parking, commuting distances, noise levels, etc. If you find a place that meets the above criteria and that neighborhood happens to be diverse – then so be it. NOT moving into that neighborhood because it contains people of differing races and creeds would be racist and intolerant. But making diversity the primary reason for moving into a neighborhood is a racist conceit. In this case the desire for “diversity” is an ego trip for said white person because their conscious or unconscious motivation is “Look at me! I’m so evolved and cool I can live with people of different races and cultures.” This attitude causes the gentrification of ethnic neighborhoods where poorer “diverse” people are forced out because they can no longer afford living there. If white people were to put their money where their mouths were they’d be moving into the Bronx in droves. But they’re not. They might be able to embrace racial differences – just not economic ones.
“I have to move to Brooklyn! They have cool coffee shops and the area is so full of diversity!”

Translation: "I have to move to Brooklyn. It’s full of gays and little brown people! I’ll look so cool!
by CynicalSuburbanite October 21, 2010
A freakin awesome British streetdance goup who won Britain's got talent 2009. They have 11 members aged from 14 to 26 and have been on two European tours, performed for/ met the queen, and performed for/met the prime minister. The members of this group are: Ashley Banjo, Jordan Banjo, Matt McNaughton, Ian McNaughton, Jamie McNaughton, Sam Craske, Mitchell Craske, Warren Russel, Ike Ezekwugo, Perri Kiely, and Terry Smith.
Did you get tickets to the Diversity tour?

YES I did they were sold out in two hours!


ohmigosh all the members of Diversity are so talented! And Perri's hair is awesome i love it hahaha
by improvnash January 17, 2011
The variety of life forms on the planet.

Can also be used as a political term meaning forced race mixing.
The planet has a natural diversity of animal and plant life.
by zos12345 December 17, 2013
An old, old wooden ship used in the civil war era.
the diversity is on the sea water sitill used today
by pink_cat January 23, 2011
This is the latest empty buzzword popular with lefties and feminists. It means lets get rid of the white guys first. Then we will get rid of the colored ones. We will replace them all with white women and, if any openings are left, with a few colored ones.
Everybody benefits when business promotes diversity.
by Drunvahlo January 15, 2015
A wooden ship that sailed during the Civil War era.
The Diversity is sailing today.
by lunchboxes September 07, 2006

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