A word use by blacks and Mexicans to justify the need for hiring their own even when qualifications are not met. Their reasoning is that diversity is more important than quality. The reason they have not been financially successful in this free country is because of their race, ignoring their own kind that are educated and hardworking who are successful, ignoring other races like Asians who come to the U.S. not knowing the language or culture yet manage to build successful business through hard work. Whites use this word to keep from being called a racist. The word/meaning will continue to grow for the next 100 years until the minorities are the majority and there are still successful anglo-built businesses to bring down.
Our company will focus on diversity for all of our new hires (i.e. discriminate against anglos).
by Diversity Jones March 02, 2005
(Cultural) Originally, diversity of ideas and viewpoints were recognized as important to many different endeavors such as learning and decision-making - the idea being that the over time the best ideas and/or viewpoints would win out in fair competition. Unfortunately, once this concept was generally embraced as a good thing, it was subsequently perverted and has become a euphemism for quota preferences given to politically favored minority groups in such areas as hiring, promotion, granting of federal contracts and admission into educational systems.
Genuine diversity would imply that someone from Greenland or New Zealand would be a welcome addition to increase the diversity of a university culture. Instead, administrators believe their university somehow becomes more diverse by adding one more black from down the road, increasing black % enrollment from 7.23% to 7.24%. Odd how administrators never seem to notice that blacks don't really contribute to diversity anyway since blacks usually restrict their company to that of other blacks in the student union, classroom, fraternity, university clubs, etc.
by FigurinOutLife September 22, 2005
I could be wrong, but I believe its an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.
Champ: What in the hell is diversity?
Ron: I could be wrong, but I believe its an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.
by Frankdatank811 February 27, 2008
A bullshit theory that somehow tries to convince us that quality no longer matters.
1. "Isn't it great that this company supports diversity"?

2. Isn't it great that this company is going down the shitter because we hired a bunch of illiterate, illegal immigrants that aren't qualified to wipe thier own asses, much less hold a job here"?
by RWAttitude July 15, 2008
It's what's killing American culture and letting Islam be taught as fact in our schools, because it's a recognition of other faiths. It lets people hang up decorations for kwanzaa (which really isn't a "holiday, it's a celebration of african harvest) but won't allow christmas trees or manger scenes shown in public, it's insulting to the immigrants and blacks. It's why santa decorations are also made to be black, despite the fact that St. Nicholas was NOT black, but it's a recognition of diversity, people. It's just as bad as cultural diffusion.
Let's destroy our traditions to appease the minorities, it's morally correct.
by Loki June 10, 2003
a deathblow to an existing environment
Promoting diversity in the Galapagos Islands, PETA fatatics released 5,000 minks they stole from productive citizens onto the islands. The minks preyed on and eventually destroyed all of the fauna. A similar situation exists with the democrats/socialists/liberals push for diversity/destruction of the United States of America.
by lvv September 27, 2003
difference between cultures. Although I am a liberal i do agree it has been taken to an extreme. People don't understand that other people's cultures do not need to be forced upon others. All that is needed is simple recognition. Everyone should be allowed to do their thing whether it is christmas, kwanza, or whatever. The difference is they should not have to abolish their own culture to avoid hurting other groups feelings. Wehn you played with your barbies on the playground, if another kid didn't like your barbie, that didn't mean you had to throw it away did you? No! the other kid just didn't play with it
by a smart one July 22, 2003

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