Divas is as some may know as a very ignorant man. Strong, intelligent, and extremely attractive but usual has a beautiful girlfriend.
Divas fuck me baby please your so sexy.
by Aldina Alibasic July 27, 2011
a small cat-like human.
kitty you's a diva.
by neighbs May 05, 2009
Female version of a hustler
Raya's a diva!
by Supermetalfreak February 21, 2009
a diva is a female verson of a hustler :)
song by beyonce called diva
by bebeche January 25, 2009
is a female version of a hustla
Diva is a female version of a hustla ima ima hustla-Beyonce
by Ashdiva January 22, 2009
A, nowadays, overused and cheapened term used mainly to describe a 'bitch' in a less slanderous manner or sugar-coated manner.

Also used mindlessly as a self-descriptive term by idiot-women who think they possess the admirable 'bitch' quality found in ridiculously-overwrought whore-characters found in stale television programming such as 'Sex & the City' or 'Desperate Housewives.'
"Oh my gawd. I am such a diva! LoL" (read: Bitch)
by Antonotron7 November 13, 2006
is a female version of a hustlerrr
by deannaaaaaaaaa June 14, 2009

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