a perticular attitude a girl has some call it bitchy while others do not
Trish Stratus
by Mike February 17, 2004
Divas is as some may know as a very ignorant man. Strong, intelligent, and extremely attractive but usual has a beautiful girlfriend.
Divas fuck me baby please your so sexy.
by Aldina Alibasic July 27, 2011
is a female version of a Hustla
Im a Im a a Diva
by Rickii_LOST April 07, 2009
Diva is the female version of a hustla.
Beyonce = Diva
by Sarah Keen January 29, 2009
a small cat-like human.
kitty you's a diva.
by neighbs May 05, 2009
a bitch
that girl is such a diva
by cycycycycy March 27, 2009
A diva is the female version of a hustler.
That diva looks like the female version of a hustler.
by grrrir March 10, 2009

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