A diva is a female who knows exactly what she wants and how she is going to get it. She will get whatever she wants whenever she wants - No Questions Asked!
A diva is NOT a regular chick! Divas are High Maintenance and Expensive Bitches! Men need lots of money to own us;)
A TRUE diva will do ANYTHING to get what she wants.

So therefore divas are seldomly known as gold diggers because We Divas need money to stay fly. A Diva is often known as a bitch for her dominating attitude.
Divas are also Drama Queens and oh so selfish lol. A diva is by all means a fucking Diva...She is very street smart and extremely wise, knows what to say, how to say it and when to say it. A diva is ALWAYS on point. A diva never lets people know what she got or how she got it. It's all a mystery to everyone and thats a part of her game ;)

A diva must have her way at all times or no way at all because her way is usually the best way. Divas are known to stay Fly; they rock the latest shits, they are seen with the best and are heard with the baddest.

A diva does not have to be skinny, she can be fat nor does a diva have to be beautiful, she can be ugly.
You see being a diva is being all about the attitude and some beautiful girls are just too nice to take a stand.
Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson Hicks from the hit TV Show "The Parkers" is a true diva.

Beyonce Knowles is a true diva also.
#bitch #money #it girl #diva girl #fly
by Natiya July 28, 2006
What you call a cunt while she's still in the room.
Honey, you are such a diva.
#divaliciaous #ho #bitch #snatch #cunt
by alien anus September 05, 2009
is a female version of a Hustla
Im a Im a a Diva
#diva #hustla #beyonce #music #haha
by Rickii_LOST April 07, 2009
Divas is as some may know as a very ignorant man. Strong, intelligent, and extremely attractive but usual has a beautiful girlfriend.
Divas fuck me baby please your so sexy.
#nerd #cross spade #ugly #sexy #yummy #single
by Aldina Alibasic July 27, 2011
a small cat-like human.
kitty you's a diva.
#hustler #purr #cat #kitty #cheetos
by neighbs May 05, 2009
A diva is the female version of a hustler.
That diva looks like the female version of a hustler.
#diva #di va #di-va #hustler #female #performer
by grrrir March 10, 2009
Female version of a hustler
Raya's a diva!
#hustler #hustla #diva #female #raya
by Supermetalfreak February 21, 2009
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