The male version of a hustler.
"That diva is getting money, she is a hustler".
by AllTheWayLive February 03, 2009
A diva is a female version of a hustler according to popular R&B singer Beyonce, really it means prima donna/
NaNananana diva is a female version of a hustla of a of a hustla.

Look at that diva over there, what a loser!
by sweataworksinforrks April 07, 2009
A term used to define a member of Delta Lambda Delta Sorority, Inc.
Greetings my sorors and fellow divas.
by Lyrix03 November 15, 2005
a female version of a hustla:)
they make money by sleepin with people, rollin dice,ect.
a diva is a femal version of a hustla:)<----- beyonce
by bbygrl:) December 30, 2008
Person, often female, who is very talented and who manages to make people do what she wants by being persuasive or very directive. She is often so beautiful or so powerful in her art and craft that everybody gives in to her whims. A diva doesn't care about what you say about her, because she doesn't care about you at all.
Beyonce is a music Diva, Marie Curie a science Diva, Coco Chanel a fashion diva.
by mehdim October 14, 2015

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