na na na, diva is a female version of a hustla, of a hustla, of a, of a hustla 8)
Beyonce's the diva.
by bbbrittyboo January 29, 2009
irritating buzzword used by major record labels and media outlets on a slow news day to describe female singers (songs of which are usually prepared by the same three writers) whose musical releases usually consist of the same generic pap and the mainstay of whose audience tends to be depressed housewives who fantasize that the lyrics are about them.

chanteuse is another such buzzword. It should be mentioned that the Canadian corporate media will not hesitate to use said word on front page, even if a bomb has gone off at the U.N. or leprosy has infected the British royal family, to describe irritating women singers such as celine dion, to promote such singers as proud embodiments of Canadiana, despite the fact that if the Canadian populace was forced to sit through a Celine Dion or shania twain concert, twenty percent of Canadians would attempt suicide.
Harry picked up a copy of today's Toronto Star. The small text adjacent to the page listing read "FERGIE 5TH LEPER VICTIM". This seemed like an interesting story...but as he flipped over the paper to read its headline he was confronted by a full-colour protrait of that Quebecois monstrosity with the headline in size-40 type: DIVA DION TOPS. He shook his head. Another slow news day.
by maks August 16, 2004
Deadly Viper Assassanation Squad. Seen in the movie Kill Bill.
Quentin Tarantino is a fucking genious!!!
by Seth April 13, 2004
A much overused media buzzword. Usually used by gays or fat women to describe other members of their cadre. Usually calling someone a diva is followed by some other trite term such as work it.
The homosexual man told the morbidly obese woman that she was "a diva;" a statement that caused her to act as if she were on the red carpet
by Bling-a-ding April 19, 2005
a female version a hustler

"a diva is female version a hustla!"-Beyonce
by lisacodestone January 17, 2009

Absolutely any woman, regardless of talent, who establishes a singing career and appears on television.
" the contrary, Pete - over the past decade we've witnessed a veritable explosion in the population of divas, for instance. In fact, our research shows that the years between nineteen ninety and the present date saw the emergence of more divas than the previous one hundred years. Ultimately, I think that reports of the death of high culture simply don't square with the numbers."
by Joshua B. Wright April 07, 2004
The male version of a hustler.
"That diva is getting money, she is a hustler".
by AllTheWayLive February 03, 2009

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