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Noun. Someone who constantly fails to show up for dates or abandons their friends at a bar.
Similar to douchebag.
"Did Jesse leave without us AGAIN?"
"Yeah. She's such a ditchbag."
by dissonant October 23, 2011
someone who says they will meet up and hang out, only to change there mind later on that day.
turtles a real ditchbag, he was gonna burn one and now hes just at home being a peice of shit.
by andthebrakesfailed October 20, 2009
Someone who ditchs you who you feel is a nit bag at the same time.
My friend and me arrange to go somewhere and he ditchs me and just before he was being a twat, then the next day i would call him a "Ditch Bag".
by oscartv July 03, 2012