An overweight, obnoxious chick. It could be a dude too, if he looks like a chick. The ones you just want to ditch.
Ditchpig: "Omg, as if you didn't invite me to the party!!"
Popular Girl: "It's not my fault you're a ditchpig. Fugly ho."
by crunkcakes May 03, 2010
Namely a fat gap toothed hick with a bad dye job. Also can be seen at night around bingos and bars looking for a man to have a good time with before going home to wallow in her filth. Also known as a vicki.
Girl at bar: Ew look at that Ditch Pig going home with that Robert
Other girl at bar: Why in the world is he with her ?

First Girl at bar: I dont know but he is obviously blind !
by anonphenom June 16, 2011
a term used to describe filthy whores and or a mud truck

commonly used in the redneck culture
1) redneck 1: there goes scott he loves that new truck he just got
redneck 2: yeah bro-cha-cho know what i heard he calls it?
redneck 1: whats that skinny?
redneck 2: he calls it ditch pig!
redneck 1: must be becuase that trucks loves the ditch like a dirty whore haha!

2) scott: hey dude,

ween: sup man,

scott: nothing dude, did you see that fugly ass hoe steve left the bar with lastnight?

ween: i know eh she was deffinatly a greasy ole ditch pig
by scottie muck October 29, 2010
a young,extremely promiscuous woman
Yes,that Pamela is from Vancouver;and she IS a ditchpig!
by dh September 22, 2003
a diirty whore from Birch River Manitoba Canada
Andrew Hall
by Grant Bruce March 07, 2003
An obese ugly, skank from Sidney, BC who gets sympathy sex because she is so damn pathetic. (These girls generally go by the name Kristy or Wendy)
Girls you see at golf tournaments that hit on pathetic guys who also are in need of sympathy sex - togther this couple defines the term LOSERS.
by Julie Halliday July 06, 2004
A group of mountain bikers in Victoria BC. They are renowned for their ability to find trails and their annual long distance rides through the wilderness.
Double the the order for beer, food, TP and air freshner. The Ditch Pigs aare stopping here on their annual tour.
by Porky Pig November 05, 2003

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