An ugly, overweight female.
"My god, what a ditchpig"
by phil k April 22, 2005
A "kick 'er to the curb" kind of gal. Someone you've had your fun with, then thought better of it. Low-life bitch. Worse than a regular, "Pig". Someone who crawled out of the gutter. Someone not worthy of your association. The girl that wronged you, and then moved on to a better life, while leaving you in the ashes.
I'm not hangin' out with that "Ditch Pig". I'd date her if she weren't such a "Ditch Pig". We had a good time, but that's all it was, 'cuz she's just a "Ditch Pig", and she'll drag me down.
by Greenmoon October 02, 2011
A really fat nasty girl, who will try to dress slutty to go to the bar, but ends up looking like a carnival ride.
Did you see that fat nasty girl Kristin at the Matrix? Yeah she was too fat for her clothes and had enough make up on to to scare away a French Hooker. What a ditch pig!
by nosa74 November 01, 2009
A wayward woman who allows men to run trains on her in public places such as fields and at the side of roads
That hos a ditchpig me and my boys hit it last night
by Grimm Gutterslut June 24, 2009
Disgusting Dirty whore ; The lowest form of white trash ; A slut who denies sleeping around ; Also see Proulx
That Girl is a straight up ditch pig

I don't think that ditch pig knows how bad she looks
by Crashbaby8714 December 24, 2014
Any races, religions, or creeds equivalent of white trash. The trashiest people that even trashy people make fun of. Often seen surrounded by ditch piglets.
Don't go to Walmart the first of the month, the ditch pigs will be swarming.
by Ditch Pig Grand Wizard July 05, 2012
somone that bails on plans, especially at the last minute
yo that biznatch Alice Wong is a DITCH PIG, she totally flopped on us.
by dolphinsrgaysharks August 12, 2011

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