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When an in-flight disruption causes personal items, baggage, and beverages to fly.
Where did my coffee go? Must have been the disturbulence...
by drubberbands December 25, 2010
10 1
Child or bothersome adult kicking the back of your airplane seat. Often experienced on the last leg of your trip, or an overseas flight where all you want to do is sleep.
Don't mess with me today; my flight home was marred by disturbulence.
by AnotherVancouverite February 14, 2010
4 1
Extremely disturbing turbulence in an airplane or other vehicle.
The disturbulence over the Rocky Mountains caused the articles in the overhead bins to shift dangerously.

The disturbulence aboard the twin engine plane caused the passengers to grab frantically for the seat cushions/floatation devices
by SkeeterMo November 29, 2010
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