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slang term used to describe a persons behavior when they are not being respectful to others
stop disrespecting me
by disrespectin foo December 04, 2002
a word used by some women of all colors, mostly urban, fat, overbearing and ghetto fabulous when you busted them on their unsocial rude and usually "I don't care" attitude.
Guy? excuse me but did you know your escalade is taking up 3 handicapped spots while you're waiting on that case of beer, pork rinds and nail polish?

Lady: Get outta my face! Don't you be disrespecting me!
by man on white, hold the mayo May 23, 2011
fucked raw for losing at Smash Bros.
After 10 sets of horrible DIs and combos, my duty of disrespecting my opponent was finished.
by Aerosacrifice April 05, 2016
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