The act of creating a facade which when looked at from the outside appears happy, serene, and safe, but still, its purpose is to draw us close, take as much of our money as they can, and give us and our children a false sense of security, joy and happiness.
Look honey, the circus is in town and they have clowns as part of their disneyfication.
by Pierce-a-cola February 06, 2008
Top Definition
To censor or bar so that the entire world is safe for a 3 year old to walk into at any time; to prohibit all adult activities; to censor with the aim of 'protecting families'.
They got rid of all the adult book stores as part of their plan for the disneyfication of down town.
by Secret Agent Man September 19, 2003
The transforming of the world into a place devoid of all things even mildly unsavory to "family values." The world thus becomes as a magical fairyland, thus it resembles a pointless Disney story. It is important to note not only the contribution that the word "Disney" makes to "disneyfication," but also the contribution that the word "fiction" makes. The "-fication" root is, as you will notice, only one letter removed from "fiction," which provides extra emphasis on the unrealisticness of things that have been disneyficated.
The soccer mom's efforts to have Hooters shut down was part of the larger disneyfication of the formerly tolerable suburban neighborhood.
by Papa Big Words February 06, 2008
1. To completely censor anything in a society that would go against "family values." This does not always apply to Disney, but this conglomerate is famously known for promoting family values, hence the name.

2. To fill a society with promoting not only Disney values, but disney products and characters (Disney Princesses, Hannah Montana, etc.)

3. To make a child/teen star spew similar ideas and values only for the sake of making money, when in truth, they contradict the values and are completely miserable.
1. I turned on my TV today to watch my favorite show only to have it completely censored. Disneyfication sucks!!!!

2. There's some major disneyfication around here, since I've been seeing all this Camp Rock shit everywhere! Can someone PLEASE just throw it all the fuck away?!?!!?

3. Many can argue if Miley Cyrus or the Jonas brothers are victims of disneyfication due to their numerous references to Christian values (Miley always crediting God at award shows, the Jonas Brothers and their purity rings, etc.) to the public.
by radicalgirl August 29, 2009
Making all things Rated G
I had been looking forward to attending the sex-ed class at school, but the School Board is into the disneyfication of all curriculum, and the class turned out to be worthless.
by ObamaGuy February 07, 2008
The act of taming the world to make it all safe, clean, and completely simlar to a theme park.
To remove the sharp edges and darkness that is life.
NYC suffered from disneyfication under Rudy, and now is as boring as any small town USA
by Thanatos_Azrael January 28, 2008
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