A network on tv that makes all of the slutty women.
Guy 1. Man have you seen that girl at school today
Guy 2. Yeah she is probably from the disney channel
Guy 1. Yeah bro
by Ave boss December 07, 2013
A channel that begins the acting careers of teens trying to make it in the business. Some might think it is "gay" but it is a good channel for upcoming stars.

It helps keep them grounded, and I believe that it is a good place to begin a career. The shows are unrealistic - but what's your point? If you want reality - stop wasting your time watching TV. Television is supposed to give a sense of escapism to the viewers, to somewhat take us into the life that is not real.

For example:
HANNAH MONTANA - Of course if you just put on a wig people will still know it's you, but this is for the purpose of entertainment people.

THAT'S SO RAVEN - She can't really see into the future, but who cares she's foolish and makes me giggle.

THE SUITE LIFE - Awesome show! That is so bias but I don't care. It is funny and has some very very nice eye-candy.

PHINEAS AND FERB - The stuff they do is not actually possible, but get over it!

Etc, etc
Person 1: Do you watch Disney Channel?
Person 2: Yeah sometimes
Person 1: Those shows are unrealistic
Person 2: Get over it. I like it and you don't have to.
by ShortyLovesSprouse January 14, 2009
The Disney Channel is a good channel for a step away from crime and violence. A bit unrealistic, but rather innovative with futuristic shows, psychic children, and living in hotels. Aimed at middle and high school ages. Cartoons early in the morning is of course for the younger kids.

It appears to also be popular among women in their 20's and seem to relate to men, (or at least appear nicer to men) who also watch the channel or are versed in Disney. It makes them feel that that particular man is not an idot and can relate to innocence. (Kind at heart kind of stuff)
You watch the Disney Channel?

Why yes, I do

Really, I wouldn't have guessed that about you?

Why not?

I thought you were a jerk.
by MomentOfTruth September 20, 2008
Disney Channel is a 24-hour general entertainment television network in the United States that taps into the world of children through original series and movies, plus contemporary acquired programming. It is marketed to mostly young children. Currently available on basic cable and satellite, Disney Channel is part of Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group, a division of The Walt Disney Company. The network is based in Burbank, California, a short distance from Disney's headquarters. Disney Channel is slated to begin broadcasting in High-definition starting in early 2008.
Girl 1: "Do you like Disney Channel??"
Girl 2: "Yes the shows r great & positive."
Girl 1: "Kewl, me too"
by Mia B. May 24, 2007

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