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Disney Channel is a name for the worst possible excuse for a channel. This so called "channel" displays fake untalented actors that are older than the target audience but act just as immature. Many shows "the suite life" are no more than puns. Disney Channel features many musicians that can't sing and somehow gained attention from idiots watching the child-propaganda channel. Back in the past, the channel used to be better with actual cartoons and clever shows, but has gone downhill not unlike Nick and Cartoon Network, but unlike those two, this has been proven to be unwatchable and unfunny. It is surprising how a company that has made classics such as Toy Story is reduced to this garbage. Even worse is the fact that Disney owns Marvel. Hopefully they won't ruin that.
A intelligent person is watching a good TV show on a network (ex. Discovery, mythbusters) and his/her little sister or cousin shows up and their parent tells them to let her watch the TV. The sister/cousin starts switching through the channels and ends up on Disney Channel. Then the intelligent person does the right thing by throwing an axe at the TV screen and smashing the cable box to pieces.
by Jag140 July 19, 2011
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a factory that takes regular children and turns them into everything you dont want your child to be.

some of their creations

miley cyrus
jonas brothes
britney spears
zac effron
vannesa hutchens
disney channel = drug addicts, pole dancers, whores, sex addicts, rapists, child molestors, hookers, dick suckers, pimps, sluts, hoe bags
by heyy82 March 13, 2010
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A television channel set up to financially take advantage of the obsessive nature of pre-teen girls.
1. The outrageous price of Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and High School Musical concert tickets.

2. The all too ample merchandise sold with Disney Channel stars' faces on them.
by MMMusic October 15, 2008
78 18
A channel that you can't get rid of.
Disney channel is on my basic cable package and all it shows Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. I'd might as well disconnect my cable *disconnects cables*...OMG, Hannah Montana is on So You Think You Can Dance!!!
by kyle 230 August 09, 2009
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The WORST channel on tv.People who likes that channel are often 8-15 years old and is very annoying.Hannah Montana is the worst show on disney channel.
Annoyingdisneyfan1:OMG did u see that new episode of zack and cody on disney channel?

Annoyingdisneyfan2:Yeah it waz so funny!!!1!!!

boy:You people should watch real stuff on tv.
by Sonicfan88 December 27, 2008
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A tv channel that is supposed to be about kids "just like us". Ok.....so they want us to be secret pop stars, who sing songs about how its ok to make mistakes. sure. thats a load of crap. They also want us to have names that rhyme with states. i.e. Hannah Montana (also can be mis-spelled "bitch", it's a common mistake)
Girl #1: Hey! I'm gonna change my name to Fucky Kuntucky!
Girl #2: WTF?! Why?
Girl #1: 'Cause Hannah Montana on disney channel did it!
Girl #2: You are a turd.
Girl #1 (singing badly): Everybody makes mistakes! Everybody has those day! You know, what I'm talkin bout, everybody gets that way! YEEEEEHHHHAAAWWWW!!!!!
by Professersnuggles January 05, 2010
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When you don't care about talent anymore.

Due to one of Urban Dictionary's rules, I have to post information about Disney Channel. Alright. For a proper definition of Disney Channel, see super mega piece of CRAPSHITFUCK!!!!
super mega piece of CRAPSHITFUCK!!!! is what Disney Channel is. Seriously.
by Another Madman August 30, 2009
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