A tv channel that is supposed to be about kids "just like us". Ok.....so they want us to be secret pop stars, who sing songs about how its ok to make mistakes. sure. thats a load of crap. They also want us to have names that rhyme with states. i.e. Hannah Montana (also can be mis-spelled "bitch", it's a common mistake)
Girl #1: Hey! I'm gonna change my name to Fucky Kuntucky!
Girl #2: WTF?! Why?
Girl #1: 'Cause Hannah Montana on disney channel did it!
Girl #2: You are a turd.
Girl #1 (singing badly): Everybody makes mistakes! Everybody has those day! You know, what I'm talkin bout, everybody gets that way! YEEEEEHHHHAAAWWWW!!!!!
by Professersnuggles January 05, 2010
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A vaccuum, Consummer of child actors and actresses that may or may not have had a future; Creater of shows that are less and less interesting.
Did you like that new Disney Channel show yesterday?

by Amigroism March 04, 2010
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A very effective method of brainwashing future generations of kids worldwide.
A channel that plays shows and movies that are highly addictive to children and impressionable people. Young children grow up watching it and their parents allow them to, because disney for them is all about the movies they grew up with, and the ideology of family oriented products Disney is associated with, or, theyr just absent parents that dont really give a fuck what theyr kids are watching as long as they dont have to do any or minimal parenting, like my lazy ass mom...
I have young siblings who are glued to the Disney channel 24/7, and I have observed some of the shows with them. I noticed a lot of themes thrown in lyrics, quotes, situations and things of that nature while watching like:
- it's ok to make mistakes( this one is thrown in A LOT, especially in Hannah Montana).
- Talking trash back to your parents is OK (again, hannah montana).
- Rules are ok to break (My Sis & bro love hannah montana, so I mainly see these themes in this show).
- The characters DO have double secret lives, promoting it to the kids.
- All the boys are really gay and feminine(makes ur kids gay).
- All the girls hook up with dudes, you know where kissing leads to in real life( teen pregnancy hello!)

It basically turns your daughter into a slut and ur son into a homo, all the while disney makes money off of you, and ruining the quality of your kids life.

If you don't believe its brainwashing, then give a kid who watches it $20 bucks and walk by them somewhere they sell Disney(hannah montana, jonas, etc.) merchandise and see if they buy it or not. And if they show any symptoms of the themes mentioned above.
the Disney channel made my sister a mindless airhead and my brother a boy lovin' homo...FML!
by Mr.Cornster September 12, 2009
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A channel with repetitive and corny shows with bad acting that is strangely addicting to those who grew up watching it.
Benoit knows Disney Channel is lame and stupid, but cannot help watching it when nothing else is on tv.
by katerinaosc March 28, 2009
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A channel that only broadcasts one animated show. Phineas and Ferb. gay, right?
Whatever happened to Mickey and Goofy and donald and Minny and the other original characters of Disney. now all disney channel has are Faggits who dress like faggits and bitches who dress like hos. The only thing thats left of Mickey Mouse is the logo,but they'll probably get rid of that and replace it with a boner brother.
by MrBates August 24, 2010
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tv shows that promote kids to live with hidden agendas. IE:

That's So Raven: Psychic - doesn't tell anyone

Phil of the Future: From the future - doesn't tell anyone

Hannah Montana: Rockstar - doesn't tell anyone

Wizards of Waverly Place - Wizards - don't tell anyone

Jonas Brothers (new show: gay) - rumored to be spies - don't tell anyone, and say they're a rockband instead

American Dragon - yeah, whatever, same deal as all the others

Kim Possible - blahblahblah

I rest my case. Even Stevens for life, though.
Shirley: My daughter turns into a street walker at night.
Cindy: It's that fuckin' Disney Channel bullshit.
by buhhhh December 11, 2008
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A great channel BEFORE IT GOT CONTAMINATED AND DESTROYED BY THE NEW STUPID TV SHOWS ETC: Thats So Raven, Hannah Montana, Cory In The House.... WTF!!! Disney is suppose to be about quality animated movies and shows in the good old days, Now they are getting greedy and just making bullshitty movies to earn money. The actors and actresses pretend to like their fans when in fact they don't give a shit and want to make $$$$$$$$. They dont show a single non disney commercial, wth is up with that you cant be that greedy.....
Person 1: I use to love Disney when I was a kid but now it just sucks with all the "actors and actresses" who have no skill.
Person 2: What about ZAC EFRON!!!!
Person 1: Are you shitting me????
Message: Don't watch disney, its not really worth your time, your better off hanging off with real friends and doing realistic things rather than thinking about other peoples impossible lives(etc living in the white house, being a pop star yet a student.... Come on that's not possible seriously...)
Disney channel sucks now don't waste your time. period end of discussion
by abby3145135135 August 30, 2007
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