WTF happened?? Disney was supposed to be all about the classic cartoons, but now it's about... Preppy sluts and horrible pop music! What the hell???

I wouldn't give a crap about this channel, but my sister watches it all the time and idolizes any star that appears on the screen, including some such as Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Raven Symone, Christy Carlson Romano, and lots of other preps whose pathetic excuses for "music" are no better than the shows they star in.

Disney is well known for using and reusing the same actors every time in new movies they come up with, which they do so almost every two months or so. This is called Disney Channel Star Syndrome, and the worst part is that at least one of the actors/actresses will sing the theme song for the movie, which is always gonna be another horrible pop song that no sane teenager in their right mind would want to hear for more than one second.

So, to sum it up, aside from the shows and movied aired on it, Disney Channel is the world's largest promoter of preppy pop music that's just annoying the hell out of me. Since when was being a prep cool anyway?
Oh look, Disney Channel is making a new movie, and Hillary Duff's in it! Such a nice idea to use this actress after they've used her in at least 10 other shows. And look, she's gonna be singing the theme song, and it's a terrible pop song! COVER YOUR EARS!!!
by SomeBadJoke August 05, 2006
The go-to place for little rich girls who want to be famous, and in-the-closet pre-pubescent boys that are trying to convince people that they are straight. These children are usually featured in Children's TV Shows for about five years, and then have suddenly turned into either extreme sluts, or junkies (occasionally both!). About a year after that, these poor lost souls have had horrible publicity and/or suicidal thoughts. This is the ongoing cycle of the Disney Channel (a.k.a. the passageway to hell). The ending result is a 20-25 year old with fake hair, unhealthy weight, and ongoing hate from the social media and Shane Dawson.
Late 90's kid: I miss Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato. What happened to them?

21st Century Kid: Have you been living under a rock? Miley Cyrus has a horrible haircut and is married to Liam Hemsworth, The Jo-Bros are all broke and married with only one song out (Pom Poms) which is only about girl's asses, and Demi Lovato has been in rehab for cutting. Seriously, how could you have missed all of this?

Late 90's Kid: C'mon, all Disney Channel stars can't be THAT bad. What about Vanessa Hudgens?

21st Century Kid: Got kicked off of Disney Channel for posting naked pictures online, and had sex with James Franco in Spring Breakers.

Late 90's Kid: So I guess that the Disney Channel really IS just a workshop where good kids go bad and bratty kids are glorified.
by The One Who Knows All April 16, 2013
A channel th@ is supposed 2 make young girls & gay boys ages 5-10 look forward to being a teenager. However, they took it 2 far. They took being a teenager (th@ is appropriate 4 little kids to b able to c on TV) WAY 2 over the top. 2 b honest, I don't know any teenagers who have a secret power or is "magically" an auto-tuned pop star AND a dancer (but mostly an auto-tuned pop star). From 2007 & on, I just couldn't handle DC anymore (I have to deal with my little sister watching this everyday)! As the years have gone by, they've decided 2 use MORE autotune by A LOT!! & before, I used to admire how good of dancers they are. Not anymore. The directors of a show called Shake it Up decided DC wasn't ruined enough and decided to make their "dancers" dance like spazzy robots. And the clothes I used to find "ok" looking. Not anymore. Their clothes have gone from normal to too much glitter and neon. The jokes? Even a 7 year old could tell better jokes!!! And I guess because all the stars quit because they finally wanted a real acting job at age 25, they ran out of good looking stars! Look at Hillary Duff, and then look at Raini Rodriguez! BLECH!!
Person A: I LOVE Disney Channel!!! Do you?

Person B: GOD NO!!!

Person C: How old are you?

Person A: 15

Person B and C: How have you made it in the real world?
by essme June 03, 2012
Disney Channel is a prime example of how wonderful television can be, when it comes to the ability the change the channel.
In reality, it is a trash heap filled with wasted potential and dumb stereotypes. Disney used to make wonderful animated classics like Aladdin, Toy Story, and Bug's Life. But now it contains a slew of unoriginal "comedies" with stereotypical characters and luagh-tracks every ten seconds to crap that is not funny at all.
Here's my proof:

*Expresses a phony high school enviroment so when the young viewers actually get there, they expect a G-Rated place, when it's anything but. (You also don't get to hang out of class for 20 minutes)
*Jokes are terrible
*Plots are all based around one thing: "normal" teenagers with a unique twist, (i.e. on a dance TV show, a pop star, WIZARDS)
*Also by some coincidence, all the actresses in real life become whores and drug addicts, (Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavato), and the actors all are faggots, (Joe Jonas, Phil Lewis), on the show and in the real world.
The only show that's good is Phineas & Ferb which is the only show that lasted longer than 4 seasons.
by -Anonymous- June 18, 2012
The only network more evil than mtv. Nuff said
Yesterday I got so bored, I watched the disney channel for about half an hour; it gave me terminal brain cancer.
by doopidman June 30, 2014
It is meant for 6 - 9 year olds, when your 14 and still think that High school is going to be like High school musical your going to have problems.
Disney channel watcher in highschool: Where's Zach Efron? Why isn't anybody singing? Where's the dancing?
by Jersey Kid February 02, 2008
Disney Channel: A means to ruin kids brains into thinking that there are no parents in life. If a parent does decide to offer advice they are ridiculed, setting the idea that a 13 year old boy or girl knows anything. Each show is about children between the ages of 8-18. Somehow, many live in tony metropolitan settings without being able to pay for rent or food. There are no parents to offer advice. When there are parents they are idiots. Disney is doing a great job to undermine parents jobs to teach them about life. Instead, children believe that they are autonomous.
Dad: Hey Sienna and Josh, why don't you stop watching the Disney Channel and do your homework. It is due tomorrow.

Kids: Fuck off you idiot. We will do it later. Get us some Reeses Crunch bitch.

Dad: ok
by Nightfly September 19, 2014
1. What used to be a great channel, with shows like Kim Possible, House of Mouse, Recess, and Doug. It wasn't long until these shows ended up getting shit-cancelled and now we're stuck with mind-numbing crap such as Austin & Allie, Dog With a Blog, and A.N.T. Farm.

2. The only two good shows nowadays on Disney Channel are Gravity Falls and Wander over Yonder, which both ended up getting ass-hauled to Disney XD, something I don't have and don't care to waste my money on. Let's see how long it'll take before Disney Channel screws themselves up even more.
Some random friend: Hey, have you seen that new Disney show Wander over Yonder?

Me: Yeah, it's one of my favorites shows on Disney Channel along with Gravity Falls. Problem is both of those shows got moved to Disney XD, a channel which I don't have.

Why must everyone at Disney be such a douchebag?
by WhyDoPeopleHateEachOtherSoMuch March 27, 2014

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