WTF happened?? Disney was supposed to be all about the classic cartoons, but now it's about... Preppy sluts and horrible pop music! What the hell???

I wouldn't give a crap about this channel, but my sister watches it all the time and idolizes any star that appears on the screen, including some such as Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Raven Symone, Christy Carlson Romano, and lots of other preps whose pathetic excuses for "music" are no better than the shows they star in.

Disney is well known for using and reusing the same actors every time in new movies they come up with, which they do so almost every two months or so. This is called Disney Channel Star Syndrome, and the worst part is that at least one of the actors/actresses will sing the theme song for the movie, which is always gonna be another horrible pop song that no sane teenager in their right mind would want to hear for more than one second.

So, to sum it up, aside from the shows and movied aired on it, Disney Channel is the world's largest promoter of preppy pop music that's just annoying the hell out of me. Since when was being a prep cool anyway?
Oh look, Disney Channel is making a new movie, and Hillary Duff's in it! Such a nice idea to use this actress after they've used her in at least 10 other shows. And look, she's gonna be singing the theme song, and it's a terrible pop song! COVER YOUR EARS!!!
by SomeBadJoke August 05, 2006
A channel with very low-budget, unfunny shows that are somehow popular. All the special effects in Disney Channel are terrible, the sets are so fake you can see the glue holding it together, and the lighting is about as good as it is on Saturday Night Live. Most shows have one main character, and that one character sings the theme song, and is female 99.9% of the time. When one of the actors/actresses is out doing some other movie, they try to cover it as cheaply as possible. For example, on Wizards of Waverly Place, when Jennifer Stone was filming Harriet the Spy, they said that her character was on an extended vacation to the Bahamas or something. The jokes are lame and overused, and have laugh tracks following them that void whatever faint trace of humor there was to begin with. Most of the characters are high school age, and yet never curse, say perverted things, or even do anything that would be almost inappropriate for a six-year-old. Which is kind of pointless, because in today, an average child ten and under has seen like at least 10 R rated movies, so they've already seen that stuff and it wouldn't hurt to see it again. Yet, despite all these flaws, Disney Channel shows are extremely addictive to watch and you'll find yourself TiVo-ing every last one, and eagerly awaiting the time each week when a new episode comes out.
"Suite Life is, like, my favorite show.

I blame brainwash"

"The Disney Channel is soooo lame.
But I can't stop watching it..."
by hashahahhaheshm October 26, 2010
Something middle aged guys can whack off to instead of porn
I watched the Disney Channel...and then steam cleaned the sofa.
by Octavia Spencer August 30, 2010
1. A TV channel that instantly gives you a disease upon watching it.
2. A TV channel that destroys your body in half the time that cigarettes do.
3. A TV channel that needs to take the stick out of its ass and make some realistic, non Christian oriented programming
4. A TV channel that produces some of the most messed up "celebrities."
5. A TV channel that only braindead idiots watch.
idiot: I just got syphilis!!
intelligent person: were you watching Disney Channel?

intelligent person: oh my god, did u see that?
idiot: u can't say god! thats disrespectful!
intelligent person: do u watch disney channel?

idiot: i think miley cyrus is the coolest!
intelligent person: is ur definition of "cool" a disease ridden whoreslutbitch who cant sing worth shit and is anorexic?
by alx-nikki August 25, 2009
A channel for kids that consists of talentless actors and actresses making bad jokes and bursting into song, all while learning some sort of valuable lesson. Everyone watches it at some point, but nobody admits it.
The people who write definitions on Urban Dictionary for "Disney Channel" obviously watch it, they just don't want to admit it.
by somepersonsomewhere June 13, 2010
Don't watch it! It's like watching the video from The Ring. Plus, it hypnotizes you.
I was passing by my little sister while she was watching t.v. and was hypnotized into watching Disney Channel.
by TheD22 November 15, 2010
Disney Channel used to be a very good channel before 2006. Later on, Hannah Montana started and destroyed the whole channel. It ended later somewhere in 2011. Somewhere in the late 2000's, a new show called Wizards of Waverly Place came. That show ended earlier in 2012. Somewhere in 2010, Shake it Up aired and that's when the channel started going downwards.

All they have on Disney Channel is their sluts acting like they care about their fans and the fans go like "OMG! DID YOU JUST HEAR ABOUT CECE JONES'S NEW SONG?!". Actually, this channel doesn't want to show that much commercials of other places. Instead, they mostly use THEIR commercials. All you see is commercials of their upcoming shows, their "This is Me" fillers, and their, um, shitty music videos. This channel has gotten so lazy, they aired a commercial having the year of 2010 in the middle of it. Their sitcoms, I mean decoms, are just movies that are made from the same sluts they use in their shows. Nearly every slut in the channel sings. Even their Shake it Up channels are horrible!! Girls are pretty much copying every single thing they do on Disney Channel. This channel is aimed towards 7-12 year old girls. If you're a boy and you're over 20, shame on YOU. The only reason I watch Disney Channel is because of Phineas and Ferb. That show is awesome.

The bad part is that this channel is filthy rich, so it will stay up for a pretty damn long time.
Girl 1: Yess!! Shake it Up is next on Disney Channel! *does some dance moves*
Me: Oh Lordy.
by XCLAUSOX May 14, 2012
an amazing channel. that is until it got greedy things to its utterly boring theme parks. once playing cartoons like Dave The Barbarian now plays shows like Hannah Montana. the fucking stupid pop music bullshit makes me wanna be death. and when it came to my town of OKC the ticket to it was like 700 bucks, wtf thats bullshit i could get an Eminem concert ticket for like 60, that was one of the many exp. of disneys greedy ass. one day i was laughing at the cartoons the next a stupid zitcom about a slutty tween(sorry teen) being a pop star but yet no talent. when the laugh track came on i was like wtf that wasnt funny. And the worst movie created every thats not even realistic came in known as High School Musical i heard nothing but those stupid songs for days(thanks alot u fat chicks who watched that shit, oh and u do sound like them cause they sound like shit) this musical created a chance for disney channel to make MORE products making their power over everything even more and grew greedier. this could destroy mankind Walt Disney would be so ashamed of the ones running disney now. how is pot not legal when this show kills more brain cells, futures, sense of humor, tv as we know it
your watching tv and whats on is south park
You-man this shows so funny
your little sibling walks in after getting promission to watch {disney channel] and turns it
sibling- yeah i love Hannah Montana
You- oh hell no
you start walking out the front door with a shotgun and a wallet full of money
Mom- what the hell are you doing
You- going to Orlando and killing those sons of bitches
by Lil Patriot November 06, 2011
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