A once good buisness set up with good intentions but doomed to lame/failure the U.S. was reiling from 9/11

The runner up for mind control in the T.V./entertainment buisness.

Also an evil enterprise controling the youth generation and no-life teenagers. See High school musical conspiracy on youtube
-Motavational speaker
"Unless we act now,disney will own the world by 2013" *Holds up Machine gun* Who's with me?


Person 2-"What do you mean disney is the runner up for mind control?"

Person 1-"CN has subliminal messages in ALL its shows...specially in the "marvelous" adventures of flapjack
by jinxed_007 May 16, 2009
adj. A person, place, thing, or situation that is stupid, comical, and/ or childish in some way.
School is closed today due to "inclimate weather", even though it is 50 degrees and sunny.
response to the situation: "thats so disney!"
by ekho rose January 29, 2008
An entertainment company that used to be at least slightly entertaining.
Now it's total shit
They have crap like A.N.T farm and all that bullshit now.
Me: Disney used to have slightly good shows back in the day.
Other dude: I know right! Now they have crap!
Me: exactly!
by Demonic bro December 07, 2013
Blame disney for every SHIT band/musician/pop star/stupid faggot ass suck dick motherfucker today
Disney is satan
by ihatejonasalot September 03, 2010
to over exaggerate to a point where the original is nowhere near it
(movie slang) to horribly screw up what actually happened in real life in a movie
She disneyed the story so bad that no one could tell what actually happened.
by Kazabem520 April 05, 2009
A terrible company which portrays false happiness to the minds of ignorant morons. Over pricing their services and souvenirs as well as dictating the lives of their cast members. The only way to get promoted is if you are sleeping with a superior or if one is gay. Excellent at marketing and brain washing children while embedding messages in their young minds. Like That high school is all fun and games, while the worst thing that can happen is to argue with a classmate and sing a song about it. Also the location where co-workers are your "friends" up until when you leave.

-May also be used to describe a dirty tramp.
That whore house is so disney.

Dude, that shirt makes you look Disney.

These disney people are so fake.

-That girl is so Disney, i wonder how many STD's she has
by viperstriker October 20, 2011
The champion of the animation world and used to produce the highest quality work, particularly in the 90s. Then it went downhill with crappy tween stars like Miley Cyrus who always ended up on drugs, as whores, or in jail, and horrible teen sitcoms about idiot kids. It's starting to get back on its feet with movies like The Princess and the Frog and Tangled, though.
Disney Fan 1: Hey, have you seen The Princess and the Frog and Tangled? They're so awesome!

Disney Fan 2: Oh yeah! Disney better not go back to making stupid tween pop stars who can't sing.

Disney Fan 1: Yeah, one more Miley Cyrus and I'm going to scream.
by A Jumping Koi January 08, 2012
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