Adjective for mindless, soulless, heartless corporate manufactured puppets used to influence the minds of pre teen boys and girls towards faux pseudo Christian ethics. Also describes someone who sings horribly and wears incredibly fake tans simply to capitalize on media attention and therefore, lots of cash!
That whore be so Disney!

by Kelise27 April 18, 2009
Every Movie made by Disney has at least one secret related to sexual content.
For example, on the box of Disneys: "The Little Mermaid", the one with the castle in the background, one of the towers on it is shaped like a penis. In "Lion King", when Simba and his dad wrestle under the stars, the stars acctually spell out something: Sex. Dont believe me? Check for yourself. I have also found one is "A goofy movie" and "Rescuers"
by SkankyJason March 16, 2007
The Place You NEVER want to work or intern.
They over work you for almost no pay. Supervisors think they own you. And your basically a slave to a mouse.
Its way too hot to work outside and little kids scream and cry and beat you up when their parents aren't looking. Interns have to work like dogs and have TONS of unnecessary rules.
Disney is a vacation place, not a working place. Not such a happy place when you work there.
boy 1: I work at Disney World..
boy 2: COOL! I want to work at Disney World! sounds fun
boy 1: No!!!! don't do it you will ruin your life....FOREVER!!!!
by DisneySlave April 03, 2009
the destroyer of talent
i used to have talent then i had a part in a disney movie called high school musical.
by Skimboarder July 11, 2009
another word meaning "gay"
"your wearing that pink suit to school thats super disney"
by vexille clikc May 28, 2008
V. to make something so family friendly it takes all the fun out of it.
1) They disneyed the party up something awful, no alcohol and it was over by 10!

2) I heard they're totally going to disney the music festival this year, quiet time in camp at 11, what the hell?!
by TwistedKitsune February 25, 2007
An infamous corporation, whose sole goal in the economic world is to control every single aspect of the universe. Since their only goal of world domination wouldn't go over with the people of the world, this evil corporation disguises itself as being a "fun-loving, good-will-fostering, happy place." WHICH IS A BIG LIE! The Disney corporation is morphing the minds of the world's youth, into something almost "not human." And who is their spokesperson? A FUCKING RAT!
666, Dante's Inferno, The 7 levels of hell, Detroit Michigan, Devil's Playground
by John Doe February 19, 2005
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